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A suggested bio profile for drivers


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A week ago, one of the TSZ drivers sent me a private message, asking for a suggested format for a driver's profile (what kind of questions, info to include)...


Here's information from the form I passed out to TSRS drivers at our Jan. 10th meeting for the TSRS Media Guide for the upcoming 2004 TSRS season (the form is 5 pages long, I'll try to keep it short!)...


Again, just a suggestion... :D My apologies to that particular driver who sent me the message for being SO LATE! LOL :lol::D


Driver's profile


Full name

Birth Date

Birth Place


Current place of residence


What/who first interested you in auto racing and how old were you


Did you join a pit crew(s) before you started driving

If yes, what driver did you pit for, what track did you work at, how old were you and waht did you do for the team


What made you start driving a race car and how old were you


Number of years driving a race car

Tracks driven at during your career


Race Team Info

Team owner

Car owner

Pit crew/team members, including city of residence, spouse/significant others and children (with ages)

Team sponsors, listed in order of priority



Racing career info (Give details for each season/year driven):

Year: (insert year)

Track or series run that year

Class of car driven

Place finished in points standings

Number of feature wins

Number of heat races won

Most memorable moment(s) from that racing season

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