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Wanted: really bad


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Needed immediately.


Looking for pit crew.

Must be willing to drive themselves to the track.

Pay their own way in.

Bring food

Work their tail off

Be knowledgeable (magicians only)

Bring beer and soda

Able to work under pressure and abuse.

Real good in a fist fight.


Willing to buy parts is a plus.



You will be amply rewarded with words of praise, gratitude and a warm feeling of a job well done.



To apply

PM me.

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Sorry AJ, I guess that was a little mean sounding.

But I got to thinking what I would really like to have in a pit person and

I just thought I would try also. And what I posted is what I honestly would want to

come pit for me. I don't think that I will even get one reply though :(

Especially for the pay I offer!


Sorry if I hurt you or made you mad. That wasn't my intent.


Do I have a car? I call it that, others may not think so :D

#46 Sportsman at SAS.


Good luck with your season AJ. From what I have read of what you have posted on

the internet the last few months, you will do good. You seem to have your stuff in one bag. ;)


C'ya at the races.

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