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Texas Fast Tracks Tues Race Winner & Points

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Congratulations to Scott Dunn for his big win at this week’s race. With 16 registered racers the prize was a sea of green at $240. Below is a post race picture of Mr. Dunn sliding around turn one. Scott is a tenacious driver who knows our track very well and has excellent balloon management skills. On our track he is definitely a force to be reckoned with as he persues the season prize (see points below).



Texas Fast Tracks would like to thank the following racers for their incredible generosity and effort in making our races and track better - Our gratitude is profound.


Larry Ashby

Bobby Smith

Ed Potutschnig

Doug Cash


Season Points are as follows:


Larry Ashby 52

Scott Dunn 50

Gary Raesz 47

Bobby Smith 35

Charles Hudson 35

Jason Stanley 27

Dillon Spreen 26

Clark Warren 23

Morgan LaBaron 14

Paul Sumrall 14

Randy Hammonds 14

Jake Kruger 12

Vince Angello 10

Mason Teague 10

Dennis Taylor 7

Doug Cash 7

Ed Potutschnig 7

Frank Perez 7

Jamie Campbell 7

Joey Duckett 7

Russell Vickery 7

Sam Graeff 7

Trey Votion 7

Johnny Torres 7

Chase Wolf 7

Barry Codling 5

Dean Sulivan 5

Gilberto Cano 5

John Paul Kliewer 5

Tim White 5

Wesly Malcher 5

Lance Gaiter 5

Jay Wolf 5

Mike Sager 5

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