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Prelude to Independence Day Weekend

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Texana Raceway Park is counting down to July 4th & 5th, with the ASCS Sprint Cars rolling in on July 4th. The following is a schedule of events leading up to the weekend, including ticket give aways.


During the week of June 23rd there will be 10 pairs of general admission tickets given away on KMKS 102.5, which broadcasts out of Bay City. The tickets are marked specifically for the July 4th show with ASCS Sprints, Mods & Limiteds. This will be a great chance for folks to win tickets, who've never been to the track and they'll get to see a unique show. Let your friends know.


There will be 10 pairs of general admission tickets given away through KIXS 107.9, which broadcasts from Victoria. These are also marked for the July 4th show. Not certain what days they will be giving their tickets away, but again a good chance for first-timers. Let your friends know.


This week, I'll be doing an interview with Bob Nason (Texana Announcer and Sports Director for AM 1390 in El Campo). Bob will be using the audio for his sports segments in relation to the July 4th show. Let your friends know.


During the week of June 30th, we purchased commercials to air on KMKS 102.5 and KIXS 107.9 marketing the July 4th show. Production is complete and they are ready to air.


On July 4th from 2pm to 4pm, we have a live radio remote scheduled with KIXS 107.9. This is a joint venture with the new KFC / Taco Bell in Edna. The remote will be broadcast from the KFC / Taco Bell (located on SH 111 on the south side of US 59) from 2pm to 4pm, with several of the ASCS Sprint Cars on display. Invite the fans to the remote and they can stay in town for the race in the evening.


July 4th - Limiteds and Mods will pay the normal $40 race fee plus transponder rental (this is the same as always and covers the race fee and pit pass for the driver only). This is a points night and the reg. fee for first timers will be charged. ASCS card holders have a specified fee in contract, which we will charge for those card holders. Everyone else entering the pits on July 4th will pay $30.

General admission will be $12... Senior Citizens will be $10.... Children fees stay the same.


Sprint Cars will be paying $2,000 to win on July 4th all the way down to $400 to start. We're hoping for a great show with the first time ever for full-size sprint cars to take to the track at Texana Raceway Park.


Modifieds will have an extra $1,000 added to their purse on July 4th. $200 will be added for the feature winner, and the remaining $800 will be divided from 2nd - up to 24th, divided equally among all who qualify for and start in the feature.


Limited Mods will have an extra $2,000 added to their purse on July 4th. $200 will be added for the feature winner, and the remaining $1,800 will be divided from 2nd - up to 24th, divided equally among all who qualify for and start in the feature.


July 5th, race fees, pit passes and general admission prices are the norm. Reverse/ Blindfold / Demo entries will be $50.


On July 5th, Mini-Stocks will have an extra $200 added and divided equally among all mini's who sign-in. This will be a separate envelop for each teen and it is sponsored by Cabin Creek Design (database programming firm), owned by Cindy Chamberlain (who is also the texana webmaster).


On July 5th, Super Stocks will have an extra $800 added to their purse. This will be $100 added to the feature winner. The remaining $700 will be divided equally 2nd - up to 24th for all who qualify for and start the feature. This is sponsored by Paul Swoyer Septic, Danielsen Motorsports, Davenport Transportation, Stevenson Plumbing, and two anonymous sponsors.


There is an offer on the table for $250 to be added to the Bomber purse on July 5th, if another sponsor will match it, creating $500 total extra for the bomber purse on July 5th. Please contact me if you know of a company interested in matching this.


July 5th we will have the three tiered competition for Reverse Race, Blindfold Race, and finale with the Demo Derby. Points will be awarded for each tier. After all events are scored and added together, the top five will take home money. 1st - $500, 2nd - $250, 3rd - $150, 4th - $100, 5th - $50.

There is a $50 entry fee for the demo derby.


Please feel free to ask questions via this forum if you need information on the big July 4th & 5th shows.


thx - Monty

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Hot Off The Press!


We've received $200 more in sponsorship money for the Limited Modifieds.... This makes a total increase to the purse of $2,200 for Limiteds at this point. $400 extra will be for the winner and $1,800 extra divided equally through the field on top of the normal payout! Just can't hardly beat this deal!


It is now $1,000 to win in Limited modifieds on July 4th.

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I talked with staff from KMKS Hot Country 102.5 on Friday, and the 10 pairs of tickets given away for July 4th was a big hit. Winners were scattered all around their listening area including, Rosenberg, Palacios, Victoria, and El Campo, just to mention a few.


The 10 pairs of tickets from KIX 107.9 will be given away this week and some at the live remote on July 4th. Commercials for both 102.5 and 107.9 hit the air starting on Monday, June 30th.


Did the interview with Bob Nason at 1390 AM on Thursday and that was fun. Bob will be airing pieces of that during the week of June 30th.


As a point of interest for the fans. The general admission price will only be increased by $2 for the July 4th show! General Admission is $12, and senior citizens will be $10.


The 5 day countdown to July 4th has begun!



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Hello Texana Competitors and Friends,


Attached is a flyer for the ASCS Sprint Cars coming to Texana Raceway Park on July 4th. It might take a minute to load with all the images. I’ll be taking these out this week to hit as many businesses as I can as time allows. Please feel free to forward this email, or print and make copies of this flyer and provide to your sponsors and other businesses with a store front that would like to post. There are some really good hot shoes scheduled to make this event. Some of you may recognize some of the notable names such as Kevin Ramey and others.


And, listen to KIXS 107.9 out of Victoria and KMKS 102.5 out of Bay City during the week of June 30th for commercials we purchased for this event. Also, we’ve partnered up with the new KFC / Taco Bell in Edna to host a live radio remote on July 4th from 2p to 4pm on KIXS 107.9, with several of the sprint cars on display during the broadcast.


Let your sponsors, family, friends and everyone else you can think of, know about the live broadcast from 2pm to 4pm, and invite them to stay in town for the race. We’re hoping to shatter an all time attendance record for Texana Raceway Park on that night. Should be one of the most memorable events ever!


If you have any questions shoot me an email, or give me a call at 979/332-2325.


Thanks - Monty




To download a copy of the flyer, click here: TexanaFlyer.pdf

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Just three working days left on the clock....Don't forget this Friday (July 4th) running with the Sprints it will be Limiteds / Sport Mods and also Modifieds


Limiteds are $1,000 to win and an additional $1,800 added thru the field, making it a minimum payback of $118, just for starting the feature.


Mods are $1,000 to woin and an additional $800 added thru the field.

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Had a rain shower Thursday before Noon, but it worked out ok. Just changed the work plan a bit for the day. All systems are on go. We'll be doing the final prep starting Friday morning. If, and only if, weather becomes an issue on Friday, we will immediately note that on the Texana home page first (www.texanaracewaypark.org), and then follow with posting on txsz and the other forums. But, we ain't gonna let it rain til Sunday. We have way too many people down here who wanna see Sprint cars on the Texana track for the first time. On Sunday it can rain and rain and rain.... Can I get an amen brothers and sisters?

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