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Casey Smith ready for South Alabama Viper event

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Contact: Chris Ragle


Casey Smith turns into the hunted this weekend at South Alabama Speedway


Austin, TX 6/17/08- Pssst, shootout at the O.K. Coral at high noon this weekend! Well…maybe not, but for Casey Smith who is considered the outlaw this weekend as he heads to the South Alabama Speedway where track owner/promoter John Dykes has put up a $500 bounty for any “sheriff in town” that can knock Casey out of victory lane.


Casey along with his Casey Smith Racing team has captured victories at five of their last eight trips since 2006 winning the track’s 2007 Viper super late model series championship along the way. His accomplishments have perhaps “ran off” some of his competition over time as the first Viper series race of the 2008 season only produced 11 racers to battle Smith who once again captured the hardware at the 4/10 mile track.


“This should be an interesting weekend to say the least. I’m curious to see how many guys come back to Opp (South Alabama Speedway) to see if they can knock us off. I think a lot of these guys will come just for the simple fact that as racers including myself, we aren’t too fond of seeing someone being on top for too long. It’s really what drives us as competitors, we just love to compete,” stated Casey.


Smith in his #99 Rapid Disposal Chevy Monte Carlo will look to not only fend off the onslaught of fellow competitors but hopes to expand his Viper series points lead after the halfway point. It’s the main goal Smith wants to focus on bounty or no bounty.


“I know these guys are going to be gunning for me but my main goal is to bring home a good finish and have a shot at repeating as the Viper series champion and if that includes round number two then so be it. Luckily for us it’s been about a month since we’ve raced so we have had some time to fix our race cars,” joked Smith.


Will this outlaw be able to make it out of town with the loot once again or will a new sheriff in town take control? Be sure to visit the Texas native’s website at www.caseysmithracing.com to find out! For all public relations issues contact Chris Ragle with Tex Motorsports Marketing at cragle02@yahoo.com or call 704-706-3666 for more information.

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