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Smokin tires on Tuesday! Race results and Points standings...

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First a quick Announcement: The owners of Texas Fast Tracks had their first child on 6/13/08. A 6lb 6oz boy! So, big yahoos to all! :P


Okay, business:

Congratulations AGAIN to Jason Stanley who's smooth consistent racing skills earned him the checked. Scott Dunn put up a tremendous effort, and was doing very well, until Jason start lapping trafic and making it more difficult to keep up. Third was Larry Ashby who's calm approach has preserved his standing as points leader!


With 14 drivers in the race, the payout was $210 this week. Now that's getting pretty good. At 17 drivers we hit the maximum of $250. The prize is half the registration fee ($30/2 x 14 drivers = $210). You must be a member to enter (membership $30). If you'd like to race with us once, but don't want to buy a membership, contact me (Charles Hudson) about waiving the membership for your first race only.


Sorry we were unalbe to get an updated picture of Jason. Here is his picture from last week in front of the kart that he did it in!



Season points (for $700) are as follows:

Larry Ashby 43

Gary Raesz 40

Scott Dunn 40

Charles Hudson 35

Bobby Smith 28

Jason Stanley 27

Dillon Spreen 21

Clark Warren 15

Paul Sumrall 14

Vince Angello 10

Ed Potutschnig 7

Trey Votion 7

Joey Duckett 7

Sam Graeff 7

Doug Cash 7

Russell Vickery 7

Frank Perez 7

Jamie Campbell 7

Dennis Taylor 7

Morgan LaBaron 7

Jake Kruger 7

Randy Hammonds 7

Gilberto Cano 5

Barry Codling 5

Wesly Malcher 5

John Paul Kliewer 5

Mason Teague 5

Tim White 5

Dean Sulivan 5

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