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Tues Night Race Winner and Points Standings

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Congratualations to Jason Stanley for his hard earned win at Texas Fast Tracks! With just a few laps reamining, Jason somehow preserved his balloon while aggressively taking the inside from the kart that led the whole race. Dispite a heroic effort to retake the lead, Jason kept his position to the checked!



Season Points are as follows:


Larry Ashby 35

Gary Raesz 33

Scott Dunn 31

Charles Hudson 30

Bobby Smith 21

Jason Stanley 17

Clark Warren 15

Dillon Spreen 14

Vince Angello 10

Paul Sumrall 7

Ed Potutschnig 7

Trey Votion 7

Joey Duckett 7

Sam Graeff 7

Doug Cash 7

Russell Vickery 7

Frank Perez 7

Jamie Campbell 7

Dennis Taylor 7

Gilberto Cano 5

Barry Codling 5

Wesly Malcher 5

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