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Reward Money !$!S


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$750 reward for information leading to the recovery of my stolen trailer (Houston area).


Please send me a PM for any addtional information (description, personal contact info, etc.)


Thank you,


Robert "Cowboy" Carson

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Send me the information about the trailer and I'll post it on here for you. We have lots of pairs of eyes who read this board. cnholt@sbcglobal.net


We have found stolen stuff before but we can't unless we know what we're looking for.


I am moving this thread to the main board for wider exposure.



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Received this info from Robert a few minutes ago:



The trailer is a 22' long tandem axle car hauler. Solid black. Trailer is wide. Custom built to accommodate wide cars; there were 4" extensions placed between the trailer floor and the fender wells on both sides. (width, approximately 93"). Solid diamond plate floor. All trailer lights are LED.


4' tall by 7' wide by 3' deep box on the front. On the back of the box is a large yellow sticker of the trailer dealer: Countrytime Trailer.


Directly behind the box is a tire rack, the full width of the box, made of 2" square tubing. It's currently holding 3 tires (one brand new never been on the ground white-spoke trailer spare and 2 spare race car wheels/tires).


The rear 2' of the trailer slopes down.


Brand new 4,500# winch bolted to the floor of the trailer, behind the box.


In closing, if you wouldn't mind passing this information along I would greatly, greatly appreciate it.


Thanks again for your time and take care.




[Admin note: PM Robert for contact numbers and/or to report any sightings.]

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Was this taken from your house or ?. I'll keep my eyes open and I'll pass the word to all the parts shops and body shops I know. If you have a picture post it here and we'll pass that along also. In the mean time if you are racing and need a trailer, I'll make mine available to you whenever I can.

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Brent, thank you very much for the offer.


It was taken from a business across the street from the subdivison we live in. It was taken between 7:15 & 7:30 PM. The bastards errr.. theives broke down the gate of the business, passed on 3 other unlocked trailers (1 with a Kubota tractor with front-end loader and shredder), broke the tounge lock and stole it.


Unfortunately I don't have any better pictures of the trailer but you can see it in the background of the attached.


Thanks all


[resized by Nick Holt, 5/1/08]





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