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Pic of Tida car


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I was hoping that maybe someone had some pics of a tida car ran in the mid 90's, ford thunderbird it was white with red and blue on the tail and was the # 28. Bill Donaho drove the car, we were out of tomball. I used to have some pics of the car but can't find anymore and would sure like to see it again. We ran at altus, san antonio, longhorn and most of the other tracks. thanks


If theres any pics of JD Hughes #41 car I would love to see them as well

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That pic of Donaho is one I took myself back then. I remember going to Dechert's shop one day, and that car was on the scales.


Here are a couple pics of J.D. Hughes.

The one with all the white panels is taken at TWS in late 1979 or early 1980 at one of the TROC events. Hughes would have probably had to run the #1 due to Tom Partridge of Corpus having #41.

The other is J.D. at San Antonio in early 1985. While he normally ran #41, here he is with #33 on the side.



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