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Update HillCountry Raceway

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For all that are wondering what has happened.I was talking to Armond last night. Do to the track being so ROUGH the last playday.It was to the best interest.To do some work to the track.The new water truck works good.The well is pumping water faster than it ever has.Trying to get a ambulance service up here at a reasonable price has been a job in it's self.There for canceling opening day was a good call.WE want things to be good for the racers and the fans.Talking to some of the drivers I have gotten some different ideas.I have changed the rules so the guys from other tracks can come race.CAR COUNT is a must at every track.With out that you loose fans then you loose cars.Nobody wants to watch 4 or 5 cars race.I remember when you could just load up and go race from here to corpus to dallas.It could be that way again.With a little work.With out the cars and fans, tracks will struggle to pay purses. I have people call and ask when we are going to open,are our prices staying the same.I,m here for the drivers and fans.With gas prices sky high.Raising prices cuts out lots of drivers and fans from out of town.So what to do? I think there is an answer.Tracks take a chance every time they open Insurance fees.Ambulance fees, employes, purses .Then keeping everyone happy.LETS FIND A SOLUTION.I would like to see racing the way it oughta be.With prices high.Opening every weekend would be hard to do.With out some backing,to pay the purses.Everyone has tried diifferent things.WHAT DO YOU DRIVERS WANT? LETS HERE IT.With out the drivers there is no show. We are going to open just for certain weekends when we can draw cars and pay purses.Some people have suggested sundays.WOULD LIKE TO HEAR SOME FEEDBACK on this one.Does not seem fair to say yeah were open and then just a few cars show up .Not FAIR to fans or drivers.We WOULD LIKE TO OPEN FOR RACES AND A DEMO DERBY.No date set yet.Any ideas gladly taken.DEMO DERBY TO PAY $500 TO WIN.Any suggestion or qeustions can call 830-367-3384 ask for Andy.Thanks and have a great day.

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