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Thank you all


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I just wanted to take a little time to say THANK YOU ALL, for the prayers, cards, phone calls and all the hugs. Dad's true passion was racing and the racing community. Thank you THR & STS for acknowledging my dad at your tracks we really appreciate all the support we have recieved.


There were 2 different drivers came up to me last night to offer their condolences and stated that they really wanted to go to Dad's service but were busy trying to get their cars ready to race. I told them both thanks, that, that is what Dad would have wanted ...... whatever it takes to get that car to the track and race.


Here is a pic of one of my Dad's first cars if not the first. I think this is the one that my older sister was playing in when she flipped a switch and push a button and drove it into or through the garage. :o This was about 4 months before I was born.


May God Bless you all.



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