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Video Street Stock Feature 1 is online


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Its a lil darker than my masters. This time I tried to upload one file rather separating the race. I see the quality is less so i may change back to separating the features. I had a few PM from people so I thought it would help to post some thing here. Might be helpful if the track web site could post it.


1. Can you please give me your contact information. I don't have any info from you.


Thad Yousling

512 698-3168



2. Will you be coming back for our next race, on April 11th???

I will be coming down again but don't plan to be there again until May 2.


3. I am posting some of the video on Daily Motion.

I usually post one or two of current weeks race and two from past races. Here is the link. Cut and Paste the link. Once it loads pause the stream and let it get a minute or head start so you get smoothest play. Enjoy.



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