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Point Races Start This Week


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This week (3-28-08) will start our points season for the Pure, Street and Super Stock Classes.

For the 2008 Racing Season we will have 19 races. You the driver will have the opportunity to drop 2 of his/her worst point nights. Therefore, we are only counting 17 races.

We all know that it is tough to make every race. If you don't show up one night, due to family situations or you may have some kind of mechanical problems or you get involved in an accident, which may not be your fault, you can drop the 2 worse point nights. (including if your absent).

This will give everyone the opportunity to have a fair shot at winning a championship.


But - If you are DQ'ed - that can not and will not be dropped.


The last 4 races of the season, starting Aug. 29th, will be mandatory point races. None of these 4 races can be dropped.


Good Luck to everyone.

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