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Hey naskart guys and gals.

I looked over the new web site and was impressed with the design and layout. If you will have you web master contact me. I will give him the events from 07 to put up on the site.




Some of the guys saw the 3 events shot in 07.. I hope they will give you a snap shot in history with a legacy to show family and friends 5, 10, 20 years later. You will inspire the younger generation to keep racing alive with your family. You guys put on a good show week after week and have few if any cautions.


With that said I plan to tape your races every week at Thunderhill. I may be available on weekends when Thunderhill is not racing. If there is interest it will happen. Good luck and God Bless Racing in 08!


Thad. AKA the "video guy"





512 698-3168

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WAY KEWL TY (the video guy)!!!!! That would be awesome to be able to put some video on the site. I think Smitty had bought a video from you last year.....and he let some of us see it....great footage!!! Look foward to putting on an even better show this year with our new rules....hopefully 4 to 6 kart drafts...and 3 to 4 wide to the line for a photo/video finish!! lol

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