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If there is anyone out there that would like to help drive JRA & Racing Exposure to the next level, I would love to have them helping..


Laura & I have both taken on new Job roles with our respective Companies.. These are putting huge pressures on the time we can spend developing and driving the kids activities that we have on our wish list.. & Sponsor Commitments.


We are looking for a few people that can commit some time during the week, As well as time Some Saturday nights (doesnt' have to be all)


I particualy need help with Web & communication info. I have so much stuff that needs to be posted & communicated to the outside world its not funny. Working with the kids in a mentor state is a plus. We want the kids to do as much of the work as the adults..


Please let me know and feel free to call me 512-750-4378 or email abrungot@austin.rr.com


Thank you in advance.


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