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THR owner gets opportunity to fulfill ‘Bucket List’ wish

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Thunderhill Raceway owner gets opportunity to fulfill ‘Bucket List’ wish


Mary Ann Naumann to visit NASCAR Sprint Cup Drivers’ Meeting in April


KYLE, TX (March 17, 2008) – Mary Ann Naumann, Owner/Promoter of Thunderhill Raceway (Kyle, TX) and founder of the Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) Late Models, will soon get to check off an item on her “Bucket List.”


Naumann has been tabbed to be a guest at the Drivers’ Meeting prior to the NASCAR Sprint Cup race Sunday, April 6, at Texas Motor Speedway (TMS).


Naumann’s quest to attend a NASCAR drivers’ meeting began when she heard about the recently-released movie, “The Bucket List.” The movie stars Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, and it’s about two old codgers, both of whom are suffering from cancer. One of them (Freeman) talks about a "bucket list" – things he wants do before he kicks the bucket. The two stars decide to fly out on a private jet to fulfill their odyssey with an attitude of “anything’s possible.”


Naumann decided to create her own “Bucket List.” While she’s fortunate her health is great, she did share the top item on her list with family and friends – that being her desire to visit a NASCAR Cup drivers’ meeting.


Naumann’s wish was conveyed though the appropriate NASCAR channels, and she found out earlier today that her dream will come true in just a few weeks.


“I’m just ecstatic,” Naumann replied when given the news this morning. “I’m so excited about this opportunity to visit the drivers’ meeting at TMS. Seeing all of the drivers together in the Media Center will be awesome, but I’m even more excited about watching how the meeting is conducted. I’m always trying to learn how to do things better, and observing a drivers’ meeting on a professional level will be a wonderful learning experience for me. I can’t wait to share my experience with the THR and TSRS drivers and staff.”


The Samsung 500 at TMS is scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m. and will be broadcast on FOX-TV.


For more information on Thunderhill Raceway, visit the THR website at www.thunderhillraceway.com. Information on the Samsung 500 can be found at www.texasmotorspeedwaycom.



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I wanted to get attention with the title, but I certainly didn't want to scare anyone. Thankfully, Mary Ann is alive and well . . . and talking again! LOL

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But, Mona, then Mary Ann wouldn't be able to focus on the Drivers' Meeting. She'd be too busy pulling you off Jimmie!


She would get alot of attention, probably the kind she wouldn't want. Jimmie is going to have to step it up a bit or I'll trade him in on a newer model. J/K I could never give up on my Jimmie.



If you don't want the bodyguard job, just let me know. I have first dibs on it.

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