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I met the photographer on Saturday night - a nice guy by the name of Steve Steinle. He has sent me some pictures from Saturday's race to post on TSZ.


I've let him know that you've started a thread concerning the track photos, and I've asked him to add his remarks on this thread.


By the way, he took some great photos! Watch for them on TSZ home page.

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Thanks deb, I would like to get some of the photos to add to my scrap book. It was nice when gulf images was doing it because they were up on his site. Someone could even do it the way you guys do it at THR where they are posted on your site. I know Arthur Hermiz does it like that for the dirt guys but we need to have access to the photos if there is a photographer taking them.


Thanks for the info

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Hi. My name is Steve Steinle. I have been out at HMP taking photos for the last 4 years or so backing up Sam. Last year I backed up Bobby, Gulf Images, and filled in for him a few times. So you may have seen my work on his web site. Sam and Bobby have moved on to other things so I will be out there this year doing thjem all. I do have a web site and will post them. I am in the proccess of editing them and should have them up in the next couple of days. Here's the site. www.stevesimagesphoto.ifp3.com




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