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Practice on March 8th


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We did get about 4 inches of rain on Thursday afternoon with the front. The high winds and clearing skies are going to help, and given that this is practice, we can be selective with available parking by blocking some areas in the pits if they are wet.


So, we are going to hope for good drying today, and make a full assessment on Saturday morning. The track is in good shape and prep for the track won't be a problem. We just need to make sure we don't get you stuck in the pits.


As of this writing, practice is on schedule for March 8th, and we'll post here and update the track answering machine by 1pm on Saturday with final determinations.


Remember for practice, gates open at 4pm, practice to start near 6pm, and will run as late as midnight if needed. Hoping to see everyone on Saturday.... Stay tuned.



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