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Big Thanks for help with the THR Banquet & Enduro


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On behalf of the Thunderhill Raceway staff, I want to express our sincere thanks to several people who helped us out with the 2007 Awards Banquet and Enduro 200 race.


First of all, a big thank you goes out to James and Janette Huff. Even though THR is not their home track, the Huffs, brought tons of table covers, decorations, etc., to transform our THR Garage into a nice banquet facility. They showed up on Friday afternoon and worked their tails off thoughout the weekend to set up the banquet and even help take things back down. We couldn't have pulled it all off without y'all!


Richard and Dorothy Suberg also spent many hours helping us get ready for the banquet - hanging the lights and setting up the tables and chairs - and then putting things back to normal.


Thanks to Henry Smith (former SAS chaplain), I'm hoping y'all were able to enjoy the video presentations throughout the evening. Henry supplied the video equipment and huge screen in front.


I'd also like to thank Kent Eller and the folks at Insty-Prints. Y'all came through with all of the stuff we needed to print for the banquet and Enduro - even with all of the last-minute changes and additions.


We appreciate the media coverage provided by Mike Haag from the SA Express-News.


Thanks also to Kim McKim and "Momma" Dean Sandefur for all of your help during the week. We had lots of errands that needed to be run, and y'all did a great job of making sure we had what we needed.


Russell with Screen Pro Graphics really came through with some awesome trophies and plaques.


And Aaron and Laura from JRA were always there to help out wherever help was needed.


We certainly owe a lot of thanks to Neil Upchurch and Wynn (Elmer Gene) Wilkerson for handling the Master of Ceremonies duties - a tough challenge after Mary Ann lost her voice.


Cameron Moore, Sr., held an awesome Worship Service on Sunday morning - certainly had an inspiring message to share, along with some beautiful music.


Richard from our catering service was a lifesaver. When we were busy, he was always there with a hamburger or taco to keep us going.


Marshall Traveland gets a big thanks for providing the staff RVs to use throughout the weekend.


Sharon Wilkerson was also always around to help us with anything we needed.


Thanks to Russell and Patty Groeff who helped with all of the certificates and a hundred other things.


Our appreciation also goes out to Jeff Garvin and Thad Yousling for providing all of the pictures and videos used in the presentations and for taking pictures during the banquet (and Enduro race).


Thanks to Marc Madison for all of your promotional efforts - and to all of the other drivers who distributed the JRA Enduro coupons.


Chuck and the K-MAC folks, along with the JRA Kids Club, did an awesome job of previewing our Enduro race on Sunday.


I know many others pitched in to help throughout the weekend, and I apologize if I've forgotten to thank you personally.

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The place looked great....Hats off to everyone that took the time to help out these great folks!! Sorry I was not able to help like I had hoped to.


It was a great weekend, and i'm glad it worked out to where I could make the trip up there...hope to make more of them this season!! :D

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