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Listen to the JRA Aline Auto Parts Show


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You can listen to today's show Live from Thunderhill Raceway on www.JRAKidsClub.com


Highlights from the show:

Rick Day gives the girls the "Skinny" on living with Momma!

Find out what made Teresa Gural turn 7 shades of Red!

Will Terry Tscherner Tell the truth about his first girlfriend?

Was Mary Ann Naumann really Scared of the 5 rounds with Teenage Girls?

And So much More!!

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I finally took the time to listen to the broadcast this afternoon. I found it very entertaining. Again, y'all did an awesome job - not a small task considering it was your first broadcast for the season. I found out things I didn't know about some of my peers, the racers, etc.


I'm posting a picture from the show. I hope I've spelled all of the names correctly. From left to right, Chuck Licata from KMAC Sports, Brandy Kneupper and Kayla Hogan, JRA Broadcasters, and Aaron Brungot, JRA Founder.




I thought Teresa Gural really inspired these two young girls to pursue their goals in racing. You never know how this start in broadcasting may affect these youngsters' lives in the future. Great show overall!

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The show was great, I think Tereasa may be the only one we get back on the show after the questions the girls asked.... I know Rick Day was caught off guard but if you look at all the pictures we had a blast...


1 down 14 shows to go... I will post the schedule later in the week for the season.

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