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sunday racing


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I agree, Sunday night would be almost impossible. It is way to hard to put everything up and garaged for the week and get home in enough time get things ready for the week. Now saying that a 1 or 2pm show might work for me. If we could have a 5pm curfew. That would allow enough time to get the necessary things done. The question is would more people show up at the track? In some cases I believe it would. Some nights we are going up against concerts, Rodeo's, Carnivals etc. Maybe Sundays we would not have as much competition.


I think CC Speedway should run Sunday's....LOL

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If you raced on Sunday afternoon, or evening,you say you wouldn't have time to get things ready for the week. How about little more time management on Saturday? I don't know JMO....Forget that, I just wanna relax on Sunday, watch a little NASCAR and sleep a little more than I watch. Grill out and sleep somemore. Now that is MHO.

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