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Thunderhill Raceway and JRA Staff taking a Road Trip

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Contacts: THR - Debbie Williams, (210)685-0400


Thunderhill Raceway Public Relations


JRA – Aaron Brungot, (512)750-4378


JRA Kids Club


Thunderhill Raceway and JRA Staff taking a Road Trip


Checking out Midlothian High School FFA Motorsports Program 30-day Enduro Challenge


KYLE, TX (February 20, 2008) – Staff members and officials from Thunderhill Raceway (THR) in Kyle, TX, along with the JRA Kids Club, will be headed north this Friday to visit the instructors and students who are participating in the Midlothian High School (HS) FFA Motorsports Program’s JRA 30-Day Challenge.


Aaron Brungot, JRA Founder, announced last week that Midlothian HS and JRA had closed the deal on setting up the challenge – which involves FFA students building a race car that will compete in the El Zorro Enduro 200 that’s scheduled to be held at Thunderhill on Sunday, March 2, starting at 2 p.m. JRA has provided a $500 budget to the students to build the car.


The THR and JRA staff members and technical officials will be checking out the project this Friday (February 22) starting at 1:30 p.m. Mary Ann Naumann, THR Owner/Promoter, and Jack Sandefur, THR Technical Director, are among those expected to make the road trip.


“We really want to show our support of this incredible project,” said Mary Ann Naumann, THR’s Owner/Promoter. “I can’t wait to see these kids working on a car that will actually be part of our Enduro race in a couple of weeks. Maybe Jack can also give them some good technical advice on the car while we’re there.”


Piloting the #5 Enduro race car will be Bill Hamilton from Red Oak, TX. Hamilton is an experienced driver who normally competes with the Texas Pro Trucks. He’s putting a lot of trust in the students who are building the car.


“I’m really looking forward to racing this car,” said Hamilton. “This project is giving these kids an opportunity to see racing from a whole different perspective. Even better, it will teach them some things about basic engineering, teamwork, communication and time management. I plan to have the students build the basic car and then get my regular pit crew to fine-tune the engine and set up the suspension.”


About 30 students are involved in this project – thanks to the efforts of Eric Janszen (one of Midlothian’s Agricultural instructors) and Steve Moore, an assistant in the metal shop, school security officer and long-time racing veteran.


For more information about Thunderhill Raceway, visit the THR website at http://www.thunderhillraceway.com. Information on the JRA Kids’ Club can be found at http://www.JRAKidsClub.com. Contact Eric Janszen at (254)592-3808 for more information about the Midlothian HS FFA Motorsports Program.


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