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Just wanted to let everyone know about pictures from last season, as short as it was. I will be archiving '07 pictures from, the then "Tri-City Speedway", to make room for any pictures from this up-coming season. I will probably keep them up till the end of the year before I begin moving them. All the photoshop pictures will still be available to view, as a reference, but not to purchase. I hope everyone understands an enjoys the off-season.


Thanks to everyone who did purchase pictures this past season, as it was the first of hopefully many seasons in the area to come. I enjoyed everyone's critique as well as I hope it has made me a better photographer.


If you have any questions please feel free to email me and I will try to get you a timely answer.


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Just a quick note:


I would like to ask that EVERYONE call, email or PM Jamie before using any of his images. This needs to be done everytime you use his work. Jamie has been kind enough to work with Us and gracious enough to do much of his work for free. Jamie and his wife serve our Country and Jamie does this as a Hobby for the most part, but does charge for some of the things he does. Again, please be kind enough and respectful to contact Jamie before you use his photos.




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