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Texas Grand competitors


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I may forget someone here... If so, I apologize... Notes from what I can remember of last weekend at the Texas Grand...


Congratulations to Lane Tipton, Brad Hayes and John Gay, all running in Street Stocks at the Texas Grand. Not positive, but looked like all three scored in the top 10 for the A-Main. Also, nice running by A J Dancer with a True Pure Stock hanging with the Streets until running out of fuel.


Nice showing by Aaron Hudgeons, Mickey Helms and Victor Lindsey. Mickey and Aaron both made it into the A-main, qualifying through the 66 car field.


A big congratulations to young Andrew Cline Jr. taking home the gold by winning the Dwarf Car Feature.


Also, a huge thank you to everyone who helped me out as the weekend progressed, especially G.W, Lane, Brian, Tony and Rusty. Thank you all for the ideas as I tried to get my car dialed in. I had a great time at the event!

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