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Open Letter from Bob Riley

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Lone Star Legacy’s continue to get ready for 2008.


With the recent release of an e-mail from the Allison Headquarters in North Carolina, I felt compelled to release a note about my reasoning for the actions.


The Lone Star Legacy’s vision has always been about keeping a level, low cost, and fair racing environment.


Yes, I have “DQ’d” people for various reasons over the course of this racing season, with one of these overturned by CompCar of NC.


I know and understand the Legacy rulebook, and believe all of my actions are in the best interest of the racers that race in the Lone Star Legacy series. We will continue to build our program for the 2008 racing season, unfortunately we will not continue to build the program with the support of the CompCar office in North Carolina.


Having the affiliation with this organization has its advantages, and disadvantages to our racers. I will carry the advantages forward with our staff and racers, and continue to work on elimination of the disadvantages. The cost of this sport continues to escalate, and I will continue to counter this and several other items as we move forward.


Our series membership did meet over the past weekend to discuss the future of our series. We discussed several changes to the administration of the series; all of these items were done together as racers, and not from the top down as race officials. I pride myself as being part of such a great racing organization, and look forward to taking the green flag on 2008 racing action.


If you have any questions about the Lone Star Legacy Series Please feel free to contact myself, Bob Riley at (512) 787-9052 or Wayne (Tom) Harwell the 2008 Lone Star Legacy driver elected representative at (210) 710-4056.


Thank you

Bob Riley

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Good for you Bob! I know some will want the national recognition of the CompCar organization, but their requirements for car, engine and parts purchases only caused extra cost for series participants. Hopely your ideas will not only keep costs down but will actually lower the current costs.

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