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Texas Grand!


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Well for a 16 year old rebuilt street stocker we gave it all we had. We qualified 12th Friday night to make Saturdays A main. The car was an ill handling piss of ______. 3 hot laps wasnt enough to tell much so we tightened it up some. Our heat race the car was loose loose loose spinning the tires all the way around the track. We tightened it up as much as possible for the qualifier. Car pushed like a dump truck and would not get up to speed. The bright spot from Friday is we did qualify and didnt have to run any extra races Saturday. However with a ill handling car we took advantage of both practice sessions leading up to the features. First practice session it was a dust bowl but the car looked fast and Robert could drive it normally. Second practice for us was right before intermission and we were the first feature. The car looked great after 3 laps he pulled to the infield after loosing a cylinder. We thrashed and found a burnt plug wire down by the oil filter area. After replacing the wire we were back to full song! We started 6th row outside. The outside row was not the place to run and by the time we got to the bottom we were in 18th place. The middle to the back cars were fighting for spots so hard that they slowed themselves down too much as the two leaders started lapping cars. We were one of them. After 2nd place went by Robert got behind him and stayed for about 12 laps chasing them through traffic and other lapped cars. With 27 laps completed we found ourselves in 6th place find with the 5th place car. With two laps to go Robert pulled to the infield with an apparent burnt valve from all indications. We finished 11th after a long weekend, alot of chassis work and alot of parts being thrown at it over the two days of racing. The tx grand is famous for great memories, breaking hearts and broken wallets. We have all 3 but sure had alot of fun racing that dinasour up to the top 5! I am going to try and catch up on some sleep at work now, good night all.

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