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Modified Slot Car Racing


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10/20/07 Modified Slot Car Racing series results


Mini Mod's(4-7yrs)


1.(91)Ben Mikulencak

2.(71)Edward Valdez

3.(93)Mykay Stehl

4.(15)Kiehl Van Blarcum

5.(43)Dylan Whitehead








Jr Mod's(8-12yrs)


1.(35)Dakota Heinaman

2.(5)Christopher Reusser

3.(38)Marcus Mikulencak

4.(88)Nathan Rabe

5.(15)Noah Van Blarcum

6.(55)Ryan Rabe











Young Guns(13&?)


1.(1)Ricky Rogers

2.(87)Mr. T

3.(13)Jake Hinton

4.(6)JT Myers

5.(88)Justin Wynd


Ben Mikulencak #91 taking the win in the Mini Mods.


Ricky Rogers #1 on his way to yet another win.(Bounty time?)Anyone game



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