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Texas Motor Speedway Lone Star Nationals Information.



September 27-29th, 2007



Registration will take place at the trailers located outside the pit area. All drivers must have an event registration form completed for the event. Any driver without an entry will not receive purse payouts.



All drivers in all race divisions are asked to complete a driver profile for the use of raceway announcers. Profile forms are available here on this web site's front page. Click on "PROFILE" and then complete as much information as you would like. All drivers, regardless of amount of information they have available are asked to complete a profile form. This is free advertising for your sponsors and a good way for the fans to know who you are. For future reference, the web site address is www.----------.com Sorry. I can not provide this info due to restrictions of this web site.



We will pre-stage car on the outer ring road starting at the dirt

track pit gate with the line going north. The first 65 entries received

a parking pass to pit in the paved lot (already over 65 entries). All

others will park in the lots near the pit area.


Hobby Stocks will pit in the paved lot on Thursday and Friday and the Sprint Cars will park in their space on Saturday. All Hobby Stock competitors must move out of the paved lot Friday night. Trailers may be parked at the back of the RV lot for Saturday’s event.


There will be no saving pit spaces. The pit area will be loaded as the haulers are staged outside the pit area. If you want to pit next to another competitor, you must be in line together prior to entering the pit area, no exceptions. Pre-staging for pit entrance will be on the TMS ring road located between the two pit areas. Below is the pit area layout.



Practice will be held on SUNDAY, September 23rd. Practice starts at 3:00pm and ends at 7:00pm. A $50.00 fee is applied for each car. NO PIT PASS FEE'S.



All drivers must have a 2007 IMCA license. Special event licenses are available. Call 817-255-6027 for info. Special event IMCA license is $35.00. 2008 full year license is $100.00, but this license is also good for the Lone Star Nationals event this month!



Pre Entry deadline, September 15th, 2007

Modifieds $100.00

Sport Modifieds $75.00

Stock Car / Hobby Stock $50.00

Late entries after September 15th, add $25.00.



Thursday - 8:00am

Friday - 12:00 noon

Saturday - 12:00 noon



$5 for parking. We will have free competitor parking by the

credential building.



5:00pm each day. This allows fans to watch practice sessions.



Chairs and blankets, No Coolers.



Complete handicap access to grandstands and handicap parking provided.



Yes, beer will be sold in the grandstands area.



$2,500.00 for 22 people with food Saturday night only. Contact the TMS

sales department at 817-255-8518.



Camping is available in the campground area. If competitors have their RV hauling their car, they will be allowed to pit in the pit area at no charge. Stand alone RV's may camp in the RV lot north of the pit area with a rate of $50 for the weekend.



$20.00 on Thursday and Friday.

$25.00 on Saturday.


Scooter and pocket bikes:

Scooter and pocket bikes are not allowed in the pit area.



Tech inspection will be performed by IMCA and all cars must conform to 2007 IMCA rules.



One way radio transmitter receivers will be required for all drivers. You can rent one for $25.00. These radio's allow race officials to communicate with you for cautions and grid line up and more.



Yes, they will be racing. They will be able to practice on Sunday, and race on Thursday and Friday nights. No IMCA Hobby Stock racing on Saturday.



They will be racing on Saturday only.



All scoring will be done by the SUPR Late Model Series officials. (No favoritism to any one track or drivers.)


HOT LAPS ( Race day ):

THURSDAY: All divisions will be allowed 4 laps. All divisions pack the track.

FRIDAY: All divisions will be allowed 4 laps. All divisions pack the track.

SATURDAY: All cars pack the track, Sprints only get 6 practice laps.



All cars will draw for heat race starting positions on Thursday and Friday. 15 cars per heat race for all divisions. All drivers must draw for Heat Race starting positions prior to 3:00pm Friday.



Passing point system will be used. Total equals finishing points and cars passed points.



All heat races are 10 laps in all divisions each day. ( No heat races on Saturday except for Sprints. )



All qualifier races will be 15 laps on all three days for all divisions. ( B Feature for sprints will be 12 laps. ) Qualifier and non qualifier money will be paid to racers. Go to www.------------.com for details. Sorry, I can not provide this information due to restrictions of this web site.



Hobby Stock Championship is on Friday with 25 laps. Sprints Championship feature is on Saturday with 25 laps. All other championship races for the remaining divisions will be on Saturdays with 25 laps.



All drivers will declare a home track and accumulate points for their home track. Track with the most points will be declared the Track Champion. All drivers from the winning home track will receive an award.



Modified: $2,000.00 to win

Sport Mods: $1,500.00 to win

Stock Cars $1,000.00 to win

Hobby Stocks $500.00 to win


For a complete purse pay out for all race divisions. Go to www.-----------.com . ( Sorry, I am not allowed to provide that web site address due to this sites restrictions. )


Thursday and Friday night will consist of Heat Races and A-Qualifiers for Modifieds, SportMods and Stock Cars. Saturday night will consist of Qualifiers and the Championship race. Hobby Stocks will compete in Heat Races and A-Qualifier Thursday and Qualifiers and Championship race on Friday. Sprint Series of Texas will run a complete program Saturday.


Thursday and Friday – Modifieds, SportMods & Stock Cars


All cars must draw for heat race starting position.


All cars will run in a fifteen (15) car heat race.


Passing Point System will be used.


Top 24 in passing points to A-Qualifier. Top 4 transfer to Championship race.


Saturday – Modifieds, SportMods & Stock Cars


Modifieds and SportMods - Eight Qualifier races lined-up by combined passing point total from Thursday and Friday. Top 2 from each Qualifier transfer to Championship race.


There is a source for golf cart rentals that many racers need and want. Google search Grapevine Golf Cars for a cart rental source. Due to restrictions on this site. I am unable to give you this information directly. Texas Motor Speedway's facilities is huge. You will be glad that you have a golf cart or some sort of small vehicle to get you from point A to point B at this enormous complex. The pit area alone will be several acres.


Also there is a source for you to go to a web site and post that you will be in attendence as a racer for this event. I am not able to post this information either. I appologize for this. That location for you to post your attendence will also give you a very good idea of what drivers will be attending this event. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE DRIVERS BECAUSE THERE IS SPECIAL AWARDS FOR THE BATTLE OF RACE TRACKS PORTION OF THE EVENT. EACH DRIVER WILL SCORE POINTS FOR HIS HOME TRACK AND THE DRIVERS OF THE TRACK WITH THE MOST POINTS WILL BE REWARDED WITH SPECIAL AWARDS. I would like to give you the vital source for all of the other information you need but I am not able to do so because it will be removed by the moderator for violations of this sites rules. ( No other webs sites address is allowed on this fourum apparently. ) There is a web site that is also providing racers and fans all the important information, both current and updated information that will make your visit easier, more informed and more enjoyable. Sorry that I can not forward this info to you due to restrictions of this site.


There is a place for you to pre register by internet. But this information I can not provide because of this sites rules. I appologize for this as well.


Directions to Texas Motor Speedway is available to you through a web site. But this information I can not provide because of this sites rules. I appologize for this also.


If you are looking for hotels, motels and camp grounds. I would provide you the web site addresses for this. But I am unable to do this also....sorry.


If you would like to enjoy some of the many attractions that are near the raceway before and/or after the racing event. I would provide you the web site addresses for this information. But I am unable to do this also....again I am sorry.


If you would like to know of the locations that you can obtain FREE ADMISSION TICKETS TO THIS EVENT. You will find them at Tetco owned gas stations. A complete listing is available on a web site address that gives a store located near you. ( Sorry, I can not provide that web site address. ) Google search Texas Motor Speedway. This may help you some. It's the time consuming way and the long route. But you will find it eventually.


The event will be broadcasted for you to enjoy. I would inform you of the web site address to listen to the pre race show and the play by play calling of the racing action but I can't do that either. Here again, I am sorry for this.


If you would like to see a satelite view of Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track or a birds eye view of Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track for a better idea of the racing complex and for a actual map to the raceway. You can do so by going to www.------------.com. ( Sorry, once again, restrictions. )


If you have any questions, concerns or statements. You may use the email contact points by going to the following web site of www.----------.com for a quick reply. (Sorry, we are unable to provide this information due to web site restrictions. )


I ask all those of you that have read this long posting to please spread the word about what may be one of Texas biggest IMCA DIRT TRACK racing event in the history TEXAS. There will be more media attention on this event than any other IMCA Dirt Track racing event we have seen in a long time. The nearly $1,000.00 1st place trophies alone will make you want to come to the event. Not to mention the thousands of dollars being paid out to Saturday's 3rd place through last place Qualifiers of each division. The 2nd and third place purse monies for the A mains are handsome as well.





More information;


Have you ever gone to a Texas Ranger Baseball game? Or how about a San Antonio Basketball game? How about a pro hockey game or college ball game? The moment you get within sight of the place. You know you are about to be at a big facility. A place were high dollar facilities have all the nice stuff for you to enjoy.


When you come to Texas Motor Speedway. Be it the Super Speedway or the Dirt Track. You will see a very nice facility. Paved parking area's with lights. Paved walk way's with chain link fences that stretch for miles it seems. Grandstands that are made of aluminum and steel. Nice rest rooms and vending area's that are clean and up to code. These tracks are not what we are always use to seeing when we are at our local tracks.


Coming to Texas Motor Speedway's dirt track is not a apples to apples comparison. So when you go to buy a hot dog, a soda and a bag of chips. Don't be surprised to pay the same amount you would pay for a dinner at Apple Bee's Resturant. Concessions stand prices will be the same prices that you will find at any big league sporting event stadium. And like at these big sports stadiums, you will be paying for parking your car in premium parking area's. While you are at Texas Motor Speedway's dirt track. You will see plenty of security people. And all of them will expect Texas Motor Speedway's guest to abide by laws. Both legal and moral.


The experience of Texas Motor Speedway's dirt track is something that all dirt track fans just have to experience at least once in there life. The place is huge. And it is without a doubt, VERY NICE. Right down to the paved pit area and the tunnel that goes under turn's one and two to the pit's. The Lone Star Nationals has finally arrived after all the should of's and could of's chatter we all heard when people suggested that the Texas Nationals should be held at TMS over three years ago. Well, it's about to happen. And it will be complete with the largest car count that the Texas Motor Speedway dirt track facility has ever experienced. I predict over 400 cars. And I would not be surprised if more than 450 cars showed up....yes I AM serious!


Fans can get free ticket to this event! How often can you go to a facility such as Texas Motor Speedway and not have to buy a grandstand seat? This is a good deal. So take advantage of it folks.


The media will be at this event. But I can tell you right now. The media exposure will grow as the event grows. This is the first event for the Lone Star Nationals. With time. It will catch the attention of more media members. Despite this. This event will expose dirt track racing in a bigger and better way than anything I have seen since.....well, the last Texas Nationals event. The difference this time it that media person ell will have the accommodations to work within. A actual place to sit and record info that they gather and/or what they get from media relations personnel employed by TMS.


Do I expect scouts to be at this event? Maybe, ya never know when they will show up most of the time. Do I expect to see potential sponsors to be at this event for racers? Well, maybe we will see a few people who have never seen dirt track racing get turned on to it and want to be involved. So yes, it could happen in it's own natural course. Do I expect to see a full grandstand at this event? Best shot at that would be Saturdays. And the weather will play a big part. I will be VERY disappointed if all the conditions are good and the fans do not show up for this event. That will indeed effect how I perceive our racing community. Do I expect to see this event broadcasted? Absolutely. It all ready arranged for K-Mac Sports to do a live web broadcast of the event. Their web site address is www.--------.com ( Sorry, I can not include this informatiuon due to restrictions of this web site. ) Credentials coordinator's of TMS have provided credentials for several media sources to cover this event. Either through print, internet or broadcasting. Do I expect things to go perfectly smooth? I would like it to but I know that TMS will have there hands full with this event. I expect snags and a few disappointments. These things come with big events such as this one.


The track is 4/10th of a mile with banking and sweeping corners. It is fast and it is wide. With the amount of cars that will be on the racing surface. I expect the track to change several times. Tacky, to dry slick to rubbered up. The racing groves will depend a great deal on how drivers attack the track. It will not be the track prep that determines the racing grooves I believe. ( Have I put myself in position to be nailed against the wall on that one? Lol! )


Texas Motor Speeday's dirt track is not your local track. Not even close to it. But still many things are the same. Everything is different but yet close enough to be the same to make you feel comfortable and welcome. It's a place that you could quickly get use to and would not mind being at much more often. I call to all of us in the racing community to please support this event. IT IS A MAJOR STEP FOR GRASS ROOTS RACING IN TEXAS!!!! What happeneds on the weekend of this event can set the tone for big things for the future! Please take me seriously when you read that statement. Because I am as serious as a ninety nine cent McDonalds heart attack. And when I say this. I am not talking about what can effect things just out at TMS. It goes much broader than that. Our sport needs you to support this event. As a driver or as a fan. Even if you invest only one day for this event on any of the three days it will be held. You being there will seem to be no big deal to you. But as a whole it is major when looked at from a overall perspective.


See you at the event!

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