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Attention Texas Motor Speedway dirt track racers.


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All dirt track racers that plan to race in the Texas Motor Speedway IMCA Lone Star Nationals event at the dirt track facility are strongly urged to complete a driver profile for the event announcers. You can go to www.track-announcer.com and click on "PROFILE". This will take you to the area were you fill in the blanks with your information. This info may be used with various media members and for the event announcers use while they do the calling of the event over the PA system for the grandstands and suites.


This is a good way to market your race team and your sponsors. All drivers, no matter if you have alot of info or just a small amount are urged to complete a driver profile.


Thank you.


Douglas Rollo

Track Announcer for Texas Motor Speedway's Dirt Track.

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