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TSRS LM "Popa New 75" on tap at HMP this Saturday

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Release: August 29, 2007

T. Q. Jones, TSRS Media & Public Relations Director

P. O. Box 341706, Austin, TX 78734

PH: (512) 261-5236 Email: tqi@mindspring.com


TSRS Late Model “Popa New 75” Comes to Houston Motorsports Park Saturday with Rookies and Near-rookies Making Championship Noises


Houston, TX (August 20, 2007) – The Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) “Popa New 75” at Houston Motorsports Park Saturday is the latest round in a series where brash, up-and-coming drivers clash with cagey old veterans at the wheel of late model stock cars, purpose-built racing cars with high-tech chassis hidden under composite bodies that look (with the help of decals for headlights and taillights) like Chevrolets, Fords and Dodges. Point leader Bobby Joe New of Buda started the season with a win to extend his streak to three going back to last season.


What is arguably the wildest touring class in Texas comes to HMP for the “Popa New 75” on Saturday, September 1, on the heels of what may be the best race in series history. The 2005 champion Chris Schild of Leander has won three races in the 2007 season and led for 74 laps of the “Austin Toros 75” at Thunderhill Raceway before losing the lead and the win to a rookie, Gary Chancellor, II, in the last half of a lap. In third was New, whose father is being honored for the second year in a row by having a TSRS race named for him.


“Anyone who has been involved in Texas racing for very long knows one of the nicest men around, Luther ‘Popa’ New,” TSRS founder Mary Ann Naumann said in announcing Saturday nights race would be named for New. “This man has driven, built or sponsored many race cars and he is a legend He was one of the sponsors that gave me a chance to race my first Super Stock. In addition to his contributions to our sport, he is a good-hearted man for whom I have and will always have the highest respect. We’re honored to have the TSRS late models run this event to help recognize just a little of what Popa New has done for racing in Central Texas over many years."


A rookie winner seems right for the TSRS. It’s that kind of wide-open series: four of the top ten in points after six races are either rookies or second-year drivers and two of them are third (Chancellor) and fourth (Bobby Teer, Jr.) behind New and second place “San Antonio Joe” Aramendia. Buda’s New won the last two races in 2006 and the first race in 2007, but young gun Chris Schild, with the 2005 TSRS title already under his belt, stopped New cold and started a streak of his own to win three in a row.


The TSRS series always puts on a show, and this weekend won’t be an exception. Chancellor may have his first win, but he also wants rookie of the year honors and even the TSRS title in 2007. Amid rumors he might be planning to retire, New wants to go out on a high point. And Aramendia? The veteran of NASCAR Busch Series and Craftsman Trucks always, that is, always, wants to win. And there are only four races left, only two are in Houston, and one is this weekend.


It’s not too late to get in on the fun at Houston Motorsports Park Saturday night, September 1. The track is at 11620 North Lake Houston Parkway and TSRS qualifying begins at 5:00 pm. Racing starts at 6:00 pm.


Texas Super Racing Series Top Ten Points Standings as of August 18, 2007

(Position, car number, name, hometown, points)


1. (1) Bobby Joe New, Buda 991

2. (79) Joe Aramendia, San Antonio 974

3. (44) Gary Chancellor, Bastrop 934

4. (2) Bobby Teer, Jr, Comfort 897

5. (7) Chris Schild, Leander 832

6. (13) Ian Webster, Spring 826

7. (12) Adam Haugh, Leander 813

8. (4) James Reeder, Buda 800

9. (6) Jason Hollander, Round Rock 721

10. (38) Craig Sellman, Buda 713






Release: August 29, 2007

T. Q. Jones, TSRS Media & Public Relations Director

P. O. Box 341706, Austin, TX 78734

PH: (512) 261-5236 Email: tqj@mindspring.com


Once Again, the TSRS Late Models Honor Luther New as the “Popa New 75” Comes to Houston Motorsports Park


Houston – Automobile racing, always a family sport that honors its roots, continues that tradition on Saturday night at Houston Motorsports Park as the Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) presents the “Popa New 75” honoring Luther “Popa” New of Austin. It’s no accident that Luther New’s son Bobby Joe, by now a veteran driver, is leading the 2007 TSRS championship points.


“Dad never cared much about driving,” Bobby Joe said this week. “He was always more interested in how to make the cars go faster. I doubt if he drove in more than two or three races, but he took us all over the country, racing on different tracks.


“Of course, those were also the days in the early 1960s when we could race four times a week in Central Texas if we wanted.”


Luther New and Mary Ann Naumann’s father, the late Jake Wallace, were both pioneers in short track racing, one reason Mary Ann, founder and owner of the Texas Super Racing Series, has both the “Jake Wallace #09 75” and the “Popa New 75” on the 2007 TSRS series schedule. Like the News, the Wallaces are racers. Luther’s son and grandson, Ronnie New, are both drivers.


Jake Wallace was a driver as was his brother Lucian. Mary Ann is married to a driver, H. E. Naumann, and her cousin Eddy Wallace, her son Heath Stewart, her nephew Eric Wallace and her stepson Bubba Naumann are all racers. As, by the way, is Mary Ann herself, with many trophies and a few championships at the old Longhorn Speedway.


Luther New doesn’t come to the track as often as he used to, but according to Bobby Joe, “he’s still telling us what to do to make the cars go faster.” Bobby, who is reportedly thinking of retiring himself, is just planning to get out of the cockpit, not out of the game. That’s another way to honor his dad: by setting up a car for some other young driver, and helping him make a name for himself.


If you want to get in on the fun, Houston Motorsports Park is at 11620 North Lake Houston Parkway. The gates open at 5:00 pm with TSRS qualifying. Racing starts at 6:00 pm.



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