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Sept. 1st - Blindfold Race, Reverse & Demo


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Based on the success of the Demo Derby earlier in the season and numerous requests from the drivers for another, it's back with a twist! Skill and Luck will play a crucial part of the competition. It's not just the toughest car for this night.


September 1st, in addition to all regular classes racing, we will host our second Demo Derby of the season with two added components.


At intermission, the demo cars will take to the track for a five lap blindfold Race. Each driver will have a passenger in the car with them to provide instructions / directions . Points will be awarded based on finishing order for that event. Pick a passenger you trust with good vision, because they'll be your eyes!


Hang on to your hats, because next (still during intermission) the cars will shift gears into Reverse and take another five laps with their passengers. Points will again be awarded based on finishing order for that event.


The cars will get a break while the feature events for the regular racers roll through. At the end of the night the Demo cars will come back without their passengers for the much anticipated Demo Derby. Once again points will be awarded based on finishing order.


Once the last car is standing, officials will calculate the final results from all three of the competitions and the purse will be awarded to the top five contenders.


1st $500

2nd $300

3rd $200

4th $100

5th $100


See complete rules under www.texanaracewaypark.org, go to rules link and Demo Derby. Plus add the following:

a. driver's door to be painted different from rest of car

b. must have passenger side seat & seat-belts ,

c. Numbers on both doors & roof

d. Bring spray paint or paint & brush to race track for your # that night

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