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Charles Buxton press release

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Sept. 26, 2003


Contact: Chuck Licata, 512.736.8230


Charles Buxton Race Preview at Thunder Hill Raceway, Saturday, Sept. 27

(Note: This is the first of 3 races in the TSRS Triple Crown Tour)



1) You've been racing at Thunder Hill Raceway since the track opened in 1999. Do you feel you have an advantage running there this weekend?


I don't feel I have an advantage, because most of the drivers who are running well have been in Late Models or Super Stocks classes longer than I have. We have run well in the last two years in the Texas Stock Car Spectaculars. I believe most of the leaders in the Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) points standings will run well. Thunder Hill is a hard track to find a good balance on the car. You can be fast through one set of corners, but in doing so you have to give up a little in the other. I think it is going to be a very competitive race and all the TSRS teams will put on a great show for the fans.


2) How is the car? How is the crew, and are you ready to run 3 races in 3 weeks?


The car is in great shape. We had a distributor break at the last Houston race (Sept. 6th), although a lot of people thought we had actually lost the motor. We have a new shock setup on the car that we think will help a lot at Thunder Hill. The #77 crew has been ready to run since the Houston race. I've also had some quality time with my family since then – we’ve been fishing, camping and I’ve been playing video games with my son. I'm more than ready to run; the first 6 years that our race team was together, we only missed one night of regular season racing.


3) What is your mindset going into the race at Thunder Hill? How great would it be to finish well in front of your hometown fans?


I'm ready to win, period. We have been close several times but been bittend by that “bad-luck bug.” I believe we will run really well. These next few races, the crew is ready, the car is ready and the driver is more than ready. It will be great to have a good run for the fans here at Thunder Hill because they have shown our race team tremendous support, whether we were running well or whether we were having problems. White Knuckle Racing doesn't have the money some of the other teams are spending, but it’s going to feel good to show everyone we can run with the fast drivers and not be a “back marker.”


4) How do you drive the 3.8-mile, D-shaped oval at Thunder Hill?


We feel our car handles real good through Turns 1 and 2, and the last few times we have run at THR the car has been fast. We came out a few weeks ago and had a big lead in the Late Model class race, but then cut a tire down while leading the race. Thunder Hill is more of a “handling track” if your setup isn't right. There isn't much you can do as a driver to get around the track – either you’re fast or your not, there isn't much in between. The more you try to muscle the car around the track with a bad setup, the faster the car fades. Tommy and Teresa Gural have helped us a lot. Tommy really knows how to setup a car for THR – he is always fast and really smooth it. His help has helped us out a lot, and we appreciate all their efforts.


5) Any idea if you're you planning on running the full TSRS season next year?


It depends on sponsorship money. Over the last couple years, WKR has run with very little money from sponsors. If we’re able to land a good sponsor, I believe we could run with anyone out there. If we’re able to find some sponsorship, we will run for the championship next year. I would like to say good luck to everyone for these next few races and thank you to all the race fans.The fans are the ones who make it possible for all of us to have a place to race, without the fans none of this type of racing would be possible. I’d like to thank my sponsors, too: Terry's Body Shop,Longhorn Transmission,Just Plain Graghics,Extreme Machine. It’s our intent that the White Knuckle Racing Yellow-and-Blue 77 runs at the front of the field this weekend.

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