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We need help from all of the local drivers and fans from San Antonio Speedway in contacting the media about our Oktober'FAST' races on October 4 and October 11. I have already made phone calls and sent faxes, but I need help in getting media attention on this big event. Most of the TV stations I've contacted seem genuinely interested, and additional calls can make a difference! I already have somewhat of a commitment from Pam Tyler at KJ97 for October 11, but we'd like to see more media at the track. Invite them to do live broadcasts!


Here's the contact information for the major TV stations in San Antonio. Just ask for the Sports Deparment or any of the sports anchors:


KENS (5) - 366-5000

WOAI (4) - 226-4444

KSAT (12) - 351-1200

KWEX (41) - 227-4141

KABB (29) - 366-1129

KRRT (35) - (same)

News 9 - 581-9999


All of these stations have already received a flyer, so they should be somewhat familiar with the times, events, etc. But, if not, here are the details:



SAS Sportsman - 50 laps

Allison Legacy Series - 25 laps

Texas Asphalt Modified Series - 50 laps

All Star Race Truck Series - 50 laps

SAS Late Models - 75 laps



Road Runners - 25 laps

Texas Super Racing Series - 75 laps

Texas Pro Sedans - 25 laps

ROMCO Super Late Models - 125 laps

Demolition Derby


On both nights, gates open at 4:00 p.m., qualifying at 5:00 p.m., and racing begins at 7:00P. Admission on October 4 is $15 ($12 for military/senior and $3 for kids 8-11), and admission on October 11 is $20 ($15 for military/senior and $5 for kids (8-11).


If you have any questions or need additional information, please send me a private message. Also, please let me know if you get any commitments from anyone so I can make some follow-up calls and arrange for their admission to the track.


Your contacts will make a difference . . . thanks in advance for your help!

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