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TSRS Spectacular @ THR

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Entering onto Pit Road: Line up on pit road goes by exit order from the track, not a designated pit area or your pit space, (any driver that goes to their pit area will be disqualified unless a major accident has occurred with that car and the Director of Triple Crown Tech has given permission and informed scoring) From the time the last car stops on pit road, the 10 minutes will begin, NO ONE can touch the cars (you may give your driver something to drink & a cold towel) until signaled by TSRS (after the last car is at a complete stop) Listen for the air-horn from Jack (Director of Triple Crown Tech) who will be at the rear of the field.


No changing tires: Tires will be checked by Officials as drivers exit the track, unless a tire is flat at such time, it must be approved by the Director of Tech or his Assistant and scoring must be informed. If said tire is changed, you will be required to start at the back of the field upon reentering the track for the last half of the race. If more than one tire is changed for any reason, that car will go down one lap.


This is a pit stop to freshen your driver, add fuel, and make minor adjustments, clean windshields, NO removing tires for any adjustments. We should not hear impacts! Reminder: DO NOT TOUCH the cars until TSRS Officials give the go ahead and that includes the top 5 after the race, even on the front straight away for the top 3. All cars must be ready to reenter the track as soon as the 10 minutes has been called, again with the air-horn, any car that stalls or holds up the line will be sent out in that order with scoring being informed. (example: car # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, are in line, car 3 stalls, 2 cars go around that car, then 3 gets going & now 3 goes in front of the 6 car, making that cars position 5th instead of 3rd) NO speeding on exiting the track, on pit road or reentering the track - safely is FIRST & FOREMOST! We will restart single file. You can be penalized for speeding.


We are working towards some major green flag competition.

Have a great race!

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