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My understanding was that if you run the race on the 4th (non-TSRS) you must run 10" tires. The race on the 11th (TSRS) must be run on the normal 8" Hoosier tires we have run all year.

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Our goal for the 7th annual Texas Dodge Dealers OktoberFAST racing event on October 4 was to allow as many cars as possible to compete equally and to hold the cost of racing as low as posible. The ultimate goal is to find out how equal these two types of cars are and look at rules changes at San Antonio Speedway for 2004 to allow the other cars (TSRS/THR LLM) to run with us on a weekly basis.


In the case of the Late Models and TSRS/THR LLM cars we simply made 2 rules changes.


1) TSRS/ THR LLM cars can compete with either 8" Hoosier F-53 tires or 10" Hoosier 2045 tires. All other rules in the current TSRS or THR LLM rulesbooks must be adhered to.


2) SAS Late Models have NO minimum ride height rule. All other rules in the current rulebook must be adhered to.


The TSRS race event that is scheduled for October 11 is a TSRS event and rules enforcement will be done by the TSRS staff and officials.


Bottom line... go and borrow a set of 10" wheels and tires, bolt them on the car and race with us on October 4. Then on October 11, bolt on the 8" wheels and tires and race with TSRS.


Mike Sepich

General Manager

San Antonio Speedway

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