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Texana May 19th Race Summary

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Paul White Visits Texana for the First Time and Takes a Win


Texana Raceway Park Results from May 19, 2007

By: Monty Chamberlain


The racing was fierce and action packed by wheel and by foot. At intermission all kids 13 and under were invited out to the front straight for foot races. The youngsters were broken down into four groups based on size and age. Trophies were presented to four smiling faces who were the winners in their respective divisions. Fun was had by all competing.


With a dry slick track basically all night long, throttle control was the key to success. Most of the drivers found the low line to be the preferred groove with a few making the middle stick. All of the classes had the opportunity to test out their rides by qualifying up through the heat races. Cautious driving and luck was the key to moving to the front in most of the fender classes.


In the feature for the mini-stock class, it appeared as though Victoria’s, Jacob Burnett was headed to victory lane. Burnett, who’s been knocking on the door of victory lane several times this season, was able to distance himself from the rest of the field once in the lead. Unfortunately for Burnett, following a restart on a caution, he would lose the lead late in the race to the skillful driving of Justin Bloom. Bloom, once in the lead, was able to cruise fairly easily to victory lane. Also showing a threat to the front pack was Dakota Taylor of Louise. Taylor was in the hunt but couldn’t quite pull up through the front runners. Garret Hayes was again a threat for the lead, having experienced a taste of victory a couple races back, was also a threat for another win. The consistent and intelligent driving of Garret’s sister Emily (one of three ladies in the class), again paid off, as her patience and alertness to events on the track brought her in for a top five position. Rookie Jason Bloom was also a strong competitor with a solid 3rd place finish. Attrition was a theme throughout all of the classes, but the mini-stocks drivers seemed to adjust their driving style for the dry slick conditions and demonstrate some mature driving in spite of their young ages. It was an impressive showing by all of the young drivers in their feature, and hats off to the group for their feature race.

1st – 5th Results: 1st 84 Justin Bloom, 2nd 9 Garrett Hayes, 3rd 49 Jason Bloom, 4th 00 Dakota Taylor, 5th 2 Emily Hayes


Next up, was the Texana Classis Dwarf Class. Approximately 20 cars made the call for the feature. This class is a big hit with the fans and always a guarantee for some close racing and excitement along the way. As the race progressed, it would have been difficult to place odds on who would be pulling into the winners circle. Initial money could have been on any driver, with good odds on Mike Christians, Frank Fruia, Douglas Schmidt, or Greg Sexton. Again, a great many drivers seemed to have a good shot at the trophy with some very close racing action. Mike Christians was running well from the grandstand perspective, but just missed the top five in the end. As the race progressed, it became apparent that the duel was going to be between Sexton and Fruia. Both drivers put on an impressive driving demonstration, and when the checker flew it was Fruia pulling off the win.

1st – 5th Results: 1st 3x Frank Fruia, 2nd 1 Greg Sexton, 3rd 24 Victor Vargas, 4th 79 Doug Schmidt, 5th 2 Grant Hanson


As can be expected, the Bomber Class again posted a good showing in the number of cars with approximately 20 starting the feature. A race filled with several lead changes, the majority of the field experienced some misfortune, leaving only a third of the entries finishing the race. Returning for the first time in 2007, it was Arterberry Racing’s, Jonathan Arterberry. After qualifying well in the heat, Arterberry proved he hasn’t missed a step. Janet Perks was an early race leader in her “Plum Crazy Racing” #12 entry, but Arterberry found the bite on the low side in the turns and made a pass work. As the race progressed, Arterberry went to the high side one too many times and spun coming out of turn two, collecting Perks in the mishap. That left both cars sidelined for the remainder of the feature. “Hard Luck” Lane Tipton experienced a broken axle for the second time in as many events. However, Tipton is one who never throws in the towel no matter how bad a night goes, and you can rest assured he will be back for the next event and as his luck improves he should be a contender for a front position. As the race progressed, several cars were caught in various mishaps, taking out competitors one by one. With the elimination of cars along the way, the potential for a number of new winners was emerging, including a threat by Bobby Coe in the lead pack. Moving up through the field again as he’s done in several races, was Shawn Kline. Kline ended up making his way up to the lead position looking to have a chance at his first opportunity to carry the checker flag, but was eventually passed on the inside by Danny Bennett. Bennet made the pass stick with Kline close behind. Bennet who experienced a very eventful early evening in town purchasing some parts for his car and missing his heat, started at the rear of the field in the feature. Once Bennett made his way to the front, he held onto the lead to win. For the fourth straight time, the carefully calculating and consistent veteran, Sandra Hudgeons, avoid the wrecks and pulled off yet another top five, finishing in 3rd place.

1st – 5th Results : 1st R4J Danny Bennett, 2nd 33 Charlie Mills, 3rd 88 Sandra Hudgeons, 4th 19 Billy Russom, 5th 26 David McBride


In the Hot Stock Truck Class, Polly Copeland and Shawn Hanson returned for a night of racing after their initial 2007 debut on May 12th. In one of the most exciting features of the evening, it was deja vu with a flash back to three years ago seeing Copeland, Hanson, Ort, and Davis all running together. It was a thrill to see the drivers once again competing together, who put on some historical races in the past with very close side by side racing. Time seemed to stand still as the trucks with the familiar names were again running side by side and nose to tail, with experience behind the wheel. Copeland was right in the hunt and biding her time, ready to take the lead at any point. In the end, she pulled off a second place finish with her patience and skillful driving, proving the guys better take note that she’s back! Shawn Hanson took the early lead and held on to it for the majority of the race, but it was time to get out the note pad as the crafty veteran, Bob Ort rang the school bell. Ort settled into second place following Hanson for several laps. Ort patiently followed Hanson testing some of the lines in the turns. As Hanson opened the door on the low side, Ort took the invitation. Ort made it stick and only inches apart through the turn, Ort and Hanson raced side by side and down the front straight. The two continued the side by side racing until Ort was able to pull out front. Hanson did his best to come back eventually overdriving in the turn and Copeland seized the opportunity to get the 2nd position. Ort would hold on to the win with Copeland in 2nd. We are all anxious for the next outing for the trucks with at least a couple of new entries expected at the next event.

1st – 5th Results: 1st 43 Bob Ort, 2nd 17 Polly Copeland, 3rd 48 Richard Dechert, 4th 4 Sean Hanson, 5th 9 Jimmy Rogers


In the Super Stock feature, the group couldn’t get to the green flag before experiencing a multi-car pile up, NASCAR style. Coming out of turn four looking for the green flag to wave, one of the lead cars got out of control, starting a chain reaction. Having not taken any laps, four cars were immediately out of contention with several of the survivors coming out with various visible body damage to their cars. Once the mayhem was cleared for the restart it was Edna’s own Kevin Parker taking the early lead and looking for his second win of the season. Once in the lead, Danbury’s Mike Davenport locked into second place. As the race progressed, other competitors would experience trouble taking them out of the race. In his first year in the class, Monty Chamberlain was cruising behind the skilled driving talents of Kenny Densman and Lucky Gilbert in third and fourth respectively, when Gilbert went high allowing Chamberlain to make the pass on the inside for the fourth position. The two front runners checked out from the rest of the field, with Densman and Chamberlain running not far apart from each other in third and fourth. When the checker flag waved, it was Kevin Parker getting his second win of the year with Davenport just behind in 2nd place.

1st – 5th Results: 1st Kevin Parker, 2nd Mike Davenport, 3rd Kenneth Densman, 4th Monty Chamberlain, 5th Lucky Gilbert


In the Limited Modified Class it was Aaron Hudgeons once again laying the path to follow. Having a strong run and having the set up working on his car Vince Louden was having a great race and ran some good solid laps. Corpus Christi’s Bill Pittaway worked his way consistently through the race handling the track and pulling off a 3rd place finish. Mickey Helms had his ride running as he settled for a fourth place finish follow by Art Rodriguez. Hudgeons was the first to cross the finish line with Louden second and Pittaway third.

1st – 5th Results: 1st 68 Aaron Hudgeons, 2nd 6 Vince Louden, 3rd 37 Bill Pittaway, 4th 174 Mickey Helms, 5th 22 Art Rodriguez


When the Modified Class rolled out, everyone in the grandstands was in for a treat with Paul White, 2001 USAC Silver Crown Series Champ, on hand. White, who has multiple credits in his racing career and who was equally as friendly with everyone that came up to talk to him as he is an impressive driver, cranked up the field and made the night well worth the price of admission demonstrating his driving talents. White led the field and incredibly made portions of the track work that no one else could during the whole evening. Following White for his first visit to Texana in 2007 as well, was Katy’s Kalif (Kdogg) Sellier. Sellier ran a very impressive race not far behind White at the end proving he also has a knack for the dry slick. Art Rodriguez and Bill Pittaway, doing double duty driving in both limiteds and mods finished 3rd and 5th, and Santa Fe’s Tracy Bear pulled off the 4th place position. As the race progressed, it was notable how many of the drivers had adapted to the track conditions and had their set-ups correct. Again though, it was Paul White who was the man to catch for the entire race. White kept the Chapman prepared Birdwell Racing ride in the front and on restarts pulled to the lead. The awesome and smooth driving of White gave witness to why he is such a well-known name in the industry.

1st – 5th Results: 1st 2 Paul White, 2nd 4$ Kalif Sellier, 3rd 22 Art Rodriguez, 4th 14 Tracy Bear, 5th 37 Bill Pittaway.


A great night of racing!


With a short break for Memorial Day weekend and the week after, Texana Raceway Park will return to competition on June 9th. Texana Raceway Park is located 2 miles south of Edna on SH 111. Pit gates open at 4pm, general admission at 5:30, with racing scheduled to start at 7:30. Visit Texana on the web at www.texanaracewaypark.org for the latest news.

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