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Modified Slot Car Racing


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5/19/07 Modified Slot Car Racing series results


Mini Mod's


1(44)Dillion Heinaman

2.(8)Brendyn Sanders

3.(128)Ben Mikulencak

4.(12)Dylan Whitehead

5.(26)Caitlyn Leonard

6.(43)Hunter Langford

7.(17)Edward Valdez





Jr Mod's


1 .(26)Cody Leonard

2 (71)Dakota Heinaman

3.(9)Courtney Leonard

4. (89)Shana Whiteaker

5(88)Shelby Whiteaker

6.(38)Marcus Mikulencak

7.(33)Mereda Major

8.(32)Austin Tague

9.(8J)Justin Hoffstadt

10.(55)Branson Pittman

11.(35)Avery Ehlen

12.(82)Josh Majek





Young Guns


1.(1)Ricky Rogers

2.(26)Cody Leonard

3.(0)David Mikulencak

4.(81)Justin Langford

5.(88)Justin Wynd


Congradulations to this weeks winners,Dillion Heinaman,Cody Leonard,Ricky Rogers.

Some close racing in all divisions.Welcome to Josh Hoffstadt.Avery Ehlen and Josh

Majek,first time racers.Thanks to Affordable Trophy Designs for the trophys that

are given out each week.See everybody next week.


The Young Guns taken it four wide in 1&2.

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We will be running the MSCR Series saturday only,But on Sunday we will be having the first annual One on One Best of the Best Elimination race.Each division will get to see who is best for a 20 lap shootout.Two cars on lanes three and four for 10 laps and then they switch for the other 10.Entry fee is $1.00 per racer.It ought to be a barn burner of a Duel.Come on out and join the fun of Slot Car Racing at it's best.

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