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Romco Horsepower


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Funny you should bring this subject up. First you have to quailfy who is giving you the numbers. There are some engine builders who sell their product on maniuplated numbers. This meaning that even with you standing right beside them they can make the dyno read what you are expecting. We are all lucky that their enough pro builders out their that want continued business that they will be honest and not do this. One of those pro who is respected locally and nationally gave these estimates:


A nascar touring 9:1 (23 degree aluminum spec in nascar rule book)



A romco 9:1 (less than 23 degree, 15-18degree aluminum etc.) 560-600hp


a romco concept w/750 cfm carb- 560-600hp (some rumors of 640 hp)



As far has what the ratios of have to have nots. Look at the top 5 in points, that is usually a good indicator of the haves, as well as the one's that check out at SAS. Im not saying that the have nots cannot win one once and while at the real short tracks(were hp isn't quite as important). But to maintain these motors is expensive at the upper end of the hp scale and their are not many teams in ROMCO that have those resources. Therefore its a little top heavy. But thats another story.

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The numbers that fishracer bring up are real close. The only place you see a real differance is SA. The motor we ran at Houston two races ago was around 550hp and we ran a 13.82 (Greg ran the same number but he has the record now?), the motor we ran this last Sat. has 595 and we ran a 13.92; go figure.

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I have a Robert Yates 9:1 motor that produces almost 650hp so i know that it can be done




Could this possibly be intentional mis-information?


Surely racers don't do that!!!!



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