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Chevrolet - All the way


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Gotta luv a chevy.

We went out in practice and the rear end was noisy, clunking, and trying to lock up.

Came to the pits, notice that something was trying to get out of the rear cover. Opened it up and uh oh.

We only had about half of each tooth on the pinion gear. Darn. Took all the shims from the right side of the carrier and put them on the left to mesh the teeth further. Cleaned out all the chunks of metal we could. Thanks Mod #9 for the use of your drain pan. Buttoned it back up. Then since we had to push the left axle in so far to put in the c clip, the brake drum was rubbin on the brake hardware. So we scrounge some big flat washers and space out the brake drum.


We figured we would get about 10 laps before it let go. Didn't want to race the heat and chance it. Went out and ran the feature and :D it held up the whole way. It was damn hot when we pulled into the pits, but it held up.


So now ole wrinkles has a chunky rear end :lol:


Chevrolet all the way baby. :ph34r:

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