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Texas Legacy Racing Series

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Texas Legacy Racing Series Lonestar Legacy*Texas Legacy Motorsports*Texoma Legacy Motorsports Driver Information


1) #72 Arden Vikre, San Marcos TX

2) #58 John Martin, Austin TX

3) #14 Tom Harwell, San Antonio TX

4) #3 Taylor Brandes, Garden Ridge TX

5) #32 Levi Krauss, Seguin TX

6) #44 James Lee, Corpus Christi TX

7) #24 Kris Kerr, San Antonio TX

8) #69 John Riley, San Marcos TX

9) #8 Michael Rhoads, Corpus Christi TX

10) #38 Mitzi Rhoads, Corpus Christi TX

11) #81 Dillon Spreen, Boerne TX

12) #17 Joe Jones, Taft TX

13) #33 J.P. Karpowics, San Antonio TX

14) #88 Eric Brunner, San Antonio TX

15) #71 Jake Kruger, Bastrop TX

16) #45 Shawn Cannon, Dallas TX

17) #7 Rob Ferguson, Poway California

18) #15 Eric Schmitt, Marion TX

19) #1 Allen Sampson, Spring Branch TX

20) #4 Dillon Sampson, Spring Branch TX

21) #27 Kirk Marcos, San Antonio TX

22) #9 Lane Cherry, Beaumont TX

23) #00 Sammy May, Pearland TX

24) #20 Todd Brady, Houston TX

25) #2 Cody Kelly, Spring TX

26) #3 Jack Kelly, Spring TX

27) #88 Jay Carley, Flower Mound TX

28) #87 Jeff Wagner, Lewisville TX

29) #99 Skipper Walker, Lake Worth TX

30) #72 Donny Nay, Lake Worth TX

31) #90 Wes Pullen, Ft Worth TX

32) #44 Scott Wellington, Jacksonville FL

33) #67 Kirby Caldwell, Houston TX

34) #6 Gary Poole, Houston TX

35) #89 Richard Tyra, Houston TX

36) #7 John Duchek, Damon TX

37) #86 Jack Murry, Houston TX

38) #53 Charlie Evens, Houston TX

39) # ? Lee Henry, Burnet TX **NEW**

40) # ? Charles Aikens, Round Rock TX **NEW**


A partial list of Legacy drivers in Texas. May 12th at THR will be a reunion of sorts for most of these drivers. The last time we raced together was at TWS last August. At Texas World Speedway we started 18 cars, this weekend we plan on starting 24(or more). We are working on scheduling that will bring us all together at HMP and TWS at least once this year. Next year, I wouldn't be suprised to see 30 or more cars show up at a track and try to qualify for the feature. The Legacy series has seen tremendous growth throughout Texas. Many find this series to be an excellent step up the racing ladder. Next year we anticipate another surge of drivers that will call the Legacy series home. see you at the races......

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