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Hi,this is Carol Yocum.Last Sat.at the track I do believe we had the oldest retired racer ever.His name is Dudley Gregory.He is the father-in-law of Earnie Holbrook,our track champion in the Tx.Thunder.Mr.Gregory,is only 80 years young.In fact he was one of the pioneers of CCSpeedway,

back in 1947.When the walls were hay bails,and of course it wasn't paved.The track had opened in 1945.Earnie,asked us if it was possible if his father-in-law to make one more lap for old times sake.I guess once you get the racing fever it never leaves you.He had a 74 Pinto,he got busy gutting,painting,put the number #22 Sweet Lips.He did all the work hisself.It took him a long,long time to get it ready.

Mr.Gregory, didn't race too long back then because he had a family to raise and they didn't want him getting hurt,so he gave it up.

Sat.at the track,Mr.Gregory was all suited up in his firesuit,with a big smile on his face.He made a few laps ,his top speed was about 10 to 15 miles per hour.He was suppose to stop at the flag stand to receive his trophy but he forgot.It was given to him later.He was a very proud racer. I'm glad he got the chance to make one more lap.

In the year 2000,we lost Dale Gingerich,he had been racing for 30 years.One of his request,was to take one more lap.He did.It was strange seeing th hearse going around,but it was a good feeling to know his request was granted.

In 1992 a young boy got to take his first and last lap at the track.He had cancer.Johnny White and John Heinaman made this possible.6 months later,he went to the big race track in the heavens.He will not get the chance to have one more lap.

Over the years,we have had several groups of children to visit the track,on request.I do believe the simple things in life,are the most rewarding.Smiles & joy in the hearts of others, Priceless

I feel other tracks also have many rewards,we just don't hear about them.There are many racers that do good for others. Lets all keep up the good work.

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Thought I would share this poem, don't know who wrote it, I have kept it for several Years. Thought it went with the post.




Racing Hero


We all have our heros in our mind,

That person is one of a kind.

We all set standards for our hero to be,

But the attributes in heros are different to you and me.


My hero in racing isn't always #1,

He may be at the back, but he is having fun.

Every one wants their hero to win the race,

My hero is the man who is kind to the fan's face.


Whether he drives in with a big rig or with a small tow,

He shouldn't place himself too high to see the others below.

I would like my hero to always look back,

If he wins the race, remembering he wasn't the only one on the track.


I would like my hero not to boast real loud,

Because if he takes last place, I will still be proud.

My hero is the person who actually can work on his own car,

Expecting others to do it for him, won't get him very far.


My hero can be a family man, his family proud to share,

Knowing he's humble really makes me care.

I look at my hero working a job during the day,

Long hours in the garage, to do it HIS way.


My hero can see me rooting for him in the stands,

He takes the time to make me feel I am grand.

He understands that without his fan, this sport wouldn't be,

When I pass by him, he doesn't act like it's me he doesn't see.


My hero has the tact to congratulate the person who won,

He doesn't forget that this is a sport to have fun.

He doesn't put down the other driver, he has respect for them all,

THIS is a man that can actually stand tall.


Some people's heros are very popular, some are not,

My hero will remember where he has come from and how he has fought.

He will remember the nights when giving up racing came to mind,

Only to stick with it, his destiny to find.


My hero will leave the track at night,

Winning or not, he put up a good fight.

My hero will remember the way he talks when the fans come to the pit,

Seeing the 'little ones' that look up to him, not throwing a fit.


My hero probably doesn't know that I appreciate him so much,

Somehow it is my heart he has touched.

A hero is hard to find these days, we put them so high,

In finding one, you're willing to share a laugh and a cry.


I can't say I have one hero that stands out in the crowd,

I tend to favor the 'underdog', for them I yell loud.

They tend to be the one that people don't really see,

But I support him, because he has the 'hunger' for victory.

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