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Future Sprint Car Hall of Famer

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Would that be Gary Wright, from Hooks, Tx.?


The 3-Time, and defending, back-to-back-to-back ASCS National Champion, Gary Wright?


The all time leading winner on the ASCS National tour, with 110 wins, Gary Wright?




Been trying to find contact information to have him on my show, Dirt Track Insider. If anyone knows how to contact him, please PM me.


Bill "Sarge" Masom

Host of the K-MAC Sports show, Dirt Track Insider


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Sarge, I has tried to post this article from the Waco Trib. But I could not down size it until now. This was his 4th night behind the wheel of his fathers car. Note: He had won the a-mains the previous 3. (Sept. 75)


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I was told word of mouth.... take it for what it is worth. That Gordom Woolley was going to be inducted into the Nabraska Hall of Fame. The source was farily relyable souce and saying Gordon told him personally!


Not hard for me to believe. A the Bellmead native desirves it! This is a pic of the HOT Mod Champ 1974, the great Gordon Woolley.



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