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Spectator Race


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That Spectator Race was a fun event. I think the crowd enjoyed it. Whatta y'all think? I always wanted the track to have one of those. Seen a lot of those in DFW area when I was growing up and they could be very entertaining, especially when someone got a little wild.


Dale, I had to run and hide when we lined up next to each other. I was sure scared of getting my ugly black paint on that nice red Festiva. :)


Nice job on the video, Brenda. We enjoyed that too.

And, darn good job of driving in the feature by AJ. Very impressive driving the entire race.

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Dang it Dale! (sounds like King of the Hill, don't it)

Just think, it was almost Cindy you were racing against, til she changed her mind at the last second.


AJ, I think you're a good driver and yes, the car is darn good. Now, let's work on that self esteem. You're smart enough, you're good enough, and dog gone it people like you (ok, ok, most people like you).

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