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Spectator Race on April 28th


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In somewhat of a flashback to the 70’s and 80’s, Texana Raceway Park will be hosting a Spectator Race, this Saturday, April 28th during intermission. Over the years at various tracks, the Spectator Race has been a fan favorite. It provides that first taste to many folks what it feels like to get on the track and many times provides that extra incentive to jump off into racing.


Complete rules can be seen on the Texana website under the drivers area, rules, spectator race. Here’s the basics:

1. 4 or more wheeled vehicle which must be currently registered and inspected. (cars, trucks)

2. Competitors will start on the front straight from a standing start, and go for one lap.

3. Loser exits the track, winner goes to the infield.

4. Elimination continues until there are only two cars remaining. The final two competitors will go for two laps.

5. If there are at least eight (8) cars, the event will pay $125 to win, plus a trophy.

6. If less than eight (8) cars, trophy only.

**see detailed rules at www.texanaracewaypark.org



The Hot Stock Truck class will be off on the 28th and all other regular classes will be running. Come out and enjoy a great night of dirt track racing!

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