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TEXAS PRO SEDAN - ENTRY LIST - Thunder Hill Raceway (April 28)

r Eligible 2007 "TPS Rookie of the Year" Award




01 Mike O'Connor/Weatherford, TX Pontiac Sunfire/2298 Rear Wheel Drive

9 r Eric Robbins/Red Rock, TX Ford Pinto/2338 Rear Wheel Drive

10 Donnie Moore/Hutto, TX VW Scirocco/1628 Front Wheel Drive

11 Steven Carpenter/Corpus Christi, TX Ford Mustang/2338-svo Rear Wheel Drive

14 r Will Robertson/Corpus Christi, TX Dodge Neon/1996-FI Front Wheel Drive

18 Lanny Young/Kingsland, TX VW Karmen Ghia/2275 Rear Wheel Drive

19 Lloyd Hart/San Antonio, TX Toyota Corolla/1941 Rear Wheel Drive

20 Sergio Hexsel/Live Oak, TX VW Rabbit/2042 Front Wheel Drive

22 Harry Osburn Jr./New Braunfels, TX Ford Mustang/2338 Rear Wheel Drive

23 r J.J. Osburn III/Converse, TX Ford Pinto/2338-svo Rear Wheel Drive

24 r Joshua Freeman/Universal City, TX Ford Probe/2338 Rear Wheel Drive

26 Lalo Leal/Corpus Christi, TX Ford Mustang/2338-arca Rear Wheel Drive

27 Bill LaBarge/Bryan, TX BMW/2085 Rear Wheel Drive

28 r Kostin Suhre/San Antonio, TX Honda CRX/1798/4-valve Front Wheel Drive

48 Mike Knotts/Universal City, TX VW Scirocco/1648 Front Wheel Drive

50 r Rick Dawdy/San Antonio, TX VW Rabbit/1870 Front Wheel Drive

55 John Miesen/Marion, TX VW Sedan/2332 Rear Wheel Drive

56 r Jason Krueger/Seguin, TX VW Sedan/1835 Rear Wheel Drive

66 Ariel Arredondo/Corpus Christi, TX Ford Taurus/2030 Rear Wheel Drive

70 Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX VW Scirocco/1690 Front Wheel Drive

71 Bruce Mabrito/San Antonio, TX VW Scirocco/1648 Front Wheel Drive

72 Candi Hogan/Cedar Park, TX VW Sedan/2160 Rear Wheel Drive

74 John Wasek/Austin, TX VW Scirocco/1628 Front Wheel Drive

78 Adam McCosh/Cibolo,TX VW Sedan/1835 Rear Wheel Drive

84 r Price Allen/San Antonio, TX Ford Taurus/2000 Rear Wheel Drive

85 r Ja Lane/Houston, TX Ford Focus/2210 Rear Wheel Drive

94 Harlon Hatcher/Converse, TX VW Rabbit/1865 Front Wheel Drive

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I thought you'd like to see a post like the Texas Pro Sedans entry list (car count) for April 28 at THR.


It is in times like now-a-days that we have to show strength.


TPS is doing just that.


Thanks again for your post.



Neil Upchurch

Race & Administrative Director

Texas Pro Sedans

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