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1. Rick Wycough

2. Brandon Pinson

3. Burney Gibson

4. Marc Madison




1. Steve Cooper

2. Hank Cournoyer

3. DeAnn Young

4. Kane Dorsey




1. Matt Ohms

2. Josh Cournoyer

3. Tom Walp

4. Robbie Sanders




1. Bengy Hair

2. Teddy Shrum

3. Carl Petty

4. Harold Thompson




1.David Wright

2.Bobby VanSpeybroeck

3. Jerry Peterson

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I'll be there God willing, it's been pretty dry in the funding department. Making more promises to Guido than I can produce for. Must remember not to go 3 wide in the turns :blink: Hopefully it handles as well as it did in March, made that one pass on the high side and it felt good. Am I going to see a Super Stock, or just a flash go by?

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The car count has been very low. There were more cars though. I just posted the top four. Tomorrow i will post the entire field after tonight's race. The previous owner ran the track down and hurt the car count. The new owners are trying to rebuild the track. They started with the track surface and public facilily's . They raised the payout and i hope this improve's the car count. The track has only raced twice and there trying to get the word out that there is new management and ownership. Mark

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