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Modified Slot Car Racing


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4/21/07 Modified Slot Car Racing series results


Mini Mod's


1.(43)Dylan Whitehead

2.(128)Ben Mikulencak

3.(20)Austin Majek

4.(68)Caleb Hudgeons

5.(26)Caitlyn Leonard

6.(60)Logen Schanen

7.(44)Brendyn Sanders

8.(17)Edward Valdez




Jr Mod's


1.(9)Courtney Leonard

2.(88)Shelby Whiteaker

3.(26)Cody Leonard

4.(37)Marcus Mikulencak

5.(89)Shana Whiteaker

6.(12)Branson Pittman

7.(32)Austin Teague

8.(87)Justin Wynd

9.(92)Kristen Stehle





Young Guns


1.(44)T.Langford (DQ'ed)Did not go through Tech

2.(0)David Mikulencak

3.(1)Ricky Rogers

4.(01)Jake Hinton


Congrats to our first female winner and first time winner in the JR Mods,Courtney Leonard.

The girls showed the boys up this week,Way to go.Also to Dylan Whithead getting back

into victory lane.We were short on cars for the Young Gun Division so I decided to run with

the best short track slot racers in the south.I believe they took it a little to easy on me and

I thought I pulled out a victory but forgot to go through tech,therefore had to Dq myself.Oh well

there is always next week.All in fun and we had a great time.Come race with us and you will get hooked.


Courtney Leonard on her way to her first win in the JR Mods division

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That's my fast girl. Boy is her brother mad.


THANKS for what you do for all the kids Terry. Mine drive me nuts all week asking when they get to race again. It's also fun watching them prepare there cars before the races.



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Darin,It has been my pleasure working with the young racers we have.

Courtney has caught on pretty quick and is only going to get better.That

is bad news for the rest of them.Cody was taking some hot laps after the

racing and was busting some real fast lap times.He even had Ricky amazed

at the speed he was turning.You had better enjoy your racing career because

it won't be long before they will be asking you for a 1 to 1 scale race car.See ya'll

this weekend. :lol:

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