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Texas Motor Speedway Weekend

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Just wanted to let everyone know we will be LIVE at TMS Saturday Evening for a 2 hour show. Track Smack will start at 5PM and run until 7PM, taking your calls and talking Texas. We will have several Special interviews and as always will be watching behind the scenes to find the things the others don't talk about.


So tune in to NEWS-TALK 550 KTSA or www.ktsa.com and give us a call 210-599-5555 or 800-299-KTSA and I promise I will try and be nice and not pick on Jimmie...Ya right!!!! :lol:

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You can count on me listening in. Remember, if you pick on Jimmie, you will have to deal with me when you get back. CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!! If you happen to interview JJ, leave a phone line open for me!!!!!! Heck, just have him call me.LOL


I'm not going to make TMS this year. Too many other irons in the fire.


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