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:huh: It's interesting how applicable this is to the post-race events at HMP:



(from Jayski)


The following is an excerpt from a statement from Richard Childress, president and CEO of Richard Childress Racing (RCR), regarding the post-race incident involving Kevin Harvick and members of the No. 29 team on Sept. 6 at Richmond (Va.) International Raceway.


“NASCAR Winston Cup racing is a very emotional sport, whether it’s on a short track or a superspeedway, racing for the lead or racing for 30th place. In no other sport does an athlete have to stay in the game for three or four hours straight like a driver does. As a result, emotions can run high and that is part of what fuels a driver’s and crew’s desire to be the best. Sometimes, though, in the heat of battle, those emotions can get the best of you and things happen that you regret later. I apologize for the actions taken by some members of the #29 team on pit road after the race. I called the Wood Brothers to apologize and told them that I would pay for the damage done to their race car by those crew members. While I understand the emotions of our pit crew, the action they took was uncalled for. I want to say, however, that I understand and support Kevin Harvick’s feelings for wanting to have a few words with Ricky Rudd after the race. Kevin knows the mistakes he made and I’m sure he would do some things different if he had to do it over again but I stand behind him because I’ve been in the same situation as a driver.”(RCR Racing PR)(9-9-2003)



I say HMS is over... Now, let's focus on the Triple Crown!

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