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TSRS Triple Crown


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First off, let me say that I think that the Triple Crown is a really great idea. It draws attention to the TSRS and gives all the teams something to shoot for. And it also gives the local media something to write about if they so choose.


But I can't help but believe that the Triple Crown will go unclaimed since the chances of anyone winning three TSRS races in a row is remote, at best. Looking back over the TSRS season, I don't see where anyone has won three TSRS in a row so far. Or three ROMCO races or three TPS races or three TAMS races (although Jon Garrett did win three ARTS-Lonestar races in a row this summer).


Not only that, but what if the first two of the three races are won by different teams. That means the third event cannot produce a Triple Crown champion since the same person did not win the first two.


And I can't help but wonder what the businesses and people who contributed to the contingency prizes will think should their donations are returned. Maybe TSRS could just give all the prizes to me if nobody wins all three Triple Crown races. LOL


But seriously, why not come up with a way to award the Triple Crown no matter what? Maybe whoever scores the most points over the three races. Maybe whoever obtains the highest finishing position average over the three races. Or some other way...


And let me add that TSRS has done a fabulous job this season without my .02 cents, but I thought I'd just bring this up.


Nick Holt

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Having the prizes awarded to the highest average finishing position would be a great idea, but some of the people who made donations might not have done the same thing if they knew thats what it was going toward. For example with the real Triple Crown of horse racing, VISA puts its name out there saying that it will give the owner of a horse that wins the Triple Crown a million dollars, knowing that it is a extremely hard feat to accomplish, and they probably wouldn't want to give a million dollars away every year to the highest average finishing position.

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You make a good point. But, krusty has a better point regarding the "context" in which sponsors committed.


Think of the Triple Crown as the TSRS version of the Winston Million or No Bull 5 or Visa Triple Crown or even the Lottery for that matter. It should not be something that is awarded every year and I suspect that in years to come the booty of cash and prizes will continue to grow until someone is crowned the King of Texas Short Track racing and takes the prize.


Think about how difficult it is; 3 races, 3 cities, 3 weekends. That's hard core dude and it definitely is going to separate the men for the boyz. Anybody who's still standing after SAS on October 11th should get a prize!


By the way, how long did the Winston Million go before Elliott won it? (I really don't know)

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Elliott won it the first year it was offered, catching the sponsor completely off guard, as they had expected it to take a while before someone won it, and hadn't even budgeted for it.

There was presumably a scramble to find an extra million bucks; not easy even for a large corporation, since they usually have everything committed long before it's spent.

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krusty_rusty and HOUSTONLM04,


The Triple Crown prizes are very nice indeed. But for some reason it never dawned on me that they were in the same category as the Winston Million, No Bull 5, Visa Triple Crown or the Texas Lottery. LOL


* $100 Gift Certificate from Oval Components of San Antonio

* $100 Gift Certificate from Motorsports of Austin

* 50 lbs of pecans from Gurals Orchards (Tommy and Teresa Gural)

* 5 cases of oil from Austin Mobile Marine

* A race car paint job ($1,500 value) from DC Eagle Paint & Body

* 3-D Welder/Lincoln welding are giving away a Lincoln (Mig) Welder( a $2,000.00 value) from A.J. Foyt's race shop, signed by A.J. Foyt, Larry Foyt, and A.J. Foyt IV.


But your points are well made, Roy and Brad, especially if these prizes were donated to TSRS with the understanding that the chances they will ever be awarded are slim.


Nick Holt

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Speaking of the Triple Crown, Can we get some official word on the format of the events? I have been told by a very UN-relaible source (Hudak) that there will be no dice roll at these events. Will the line up be straight up qualifying times? Also, is the pit stop competion still on for the Houston race? Last but not least, are there any competion yellows scheduled for any of these events? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Looks like to me that you are criticizing what the sponsors are giving for the triple crown by comparing it to the winston and the other events.First off racers should be lucky that they even have sponsors to put up anything, do you think that a sponsor will really get anything back by giving these prizses away probally not. The triple crown is a great format for the last races and i think that its way over do for racers in this state.Good luck to all the TSRS drivers and teams

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Actually, krusty_rusty and HOUSTONLM04 made the comparison to the other events, not me. I simply listed the prizes that are being offered to the Triple Crown winner and made the point that the prizes were certainly in a different category entirely from the ones they mentioned. In no way did I criticize what the sponsors are doing for TSRS. If anything I was poking fun at myself for not seeing it the way both krusty and HOUSTONLM04 did.


My point in even bringing the Triple Crown up was that the prizes might not be awarded at all if someone has to win all three races to win the Triple Crown. And instead of just asking the question, I suggested a couple of ways TSRS could format the series to make sure the prizes were awarded. I'm not sure how you could infer that I was criticizing sponsors from that.


Nick Holt

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A competition yellow is a yellow flag thrown on a predetermined lap, to allow the racers to service their cars. If you are at any of the extra length ROMCO races, where they stop about half-way, that is a competition yellow. The pit areas at our tracks are not set up for green flag pit stops, and neither are the crews. In our racing, a competition yellow is safer, and less expensive. By less expensive, I mean it eliminates the need for a bunch of $1800 pit guns and jacks.

Under the Comp yellow, you restart in the same spot that you were in when the yellow was thrown.

An exception to this is if you change something you weren't supposed to. Example--Changing 4 tires when the rules say two. Then you restart at the rear. Normally, you can change two tires, put gas, repair body damage, etc.

Hope this answers your question.


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The Triple Crown at THR will be 125 laps; counting all yellows until the last 10 laps; we will roll the dice; there will be a 10 minute competition yellow pit stop somewhere between lap 60-70, depending on yellows/clean ups. Hope that helps :D



Stacy Tiemann

Director of Scoring, TSRS

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Thanks for clearing that up Stacey. WOW, I just looked at the schedule. Fans will definitely get their money's worth. Looks like it could be a LONG night.

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We will have a 10 minute competition yellow pit stop, somewhere between lap 60 & 70, depending on yellows/clean ups, with the following rules:


Exit track onto pit road in the same order as on the track,

Drivers will not have a designated pit area, crews will go to

their cars.


Drivers do not go to your pit area, (any driver that goes to

their pit area will be disqualified unless a major accident has

occurred with that car(s) and Director of Tech has given

permission and informed scoring).


From the time the last car stops on pit road, the 10 minutes

will begin, NO ONE can touch the cars (you may give your

driver something to drink & a cold towel) until signaled by

TSRS (after the last car is at a complete stop) Listen for the

air-horn from TSRS Director of Tech, who will be at the rear of

the field.


No changing tires. Tires will be checked by Officials as

drivers exit the track, unless a tire is flat at such time, it must

be approved by the Director of Tech or his Assistant and

scoring must be informed. If said tire is changed, that car

will be required to start at the back of the field upon

reentering the track for the last half of the race. If more than

one tire is changed for any reason, that car will go down one



This is a pit stop to freshen your driver, add fuel, make

minor adjustments, clean windshields, etc. NO removing tires

for any adjustments. We should not hear impacts!


All cars must be ready to reenter the track as soon as the 10

minutes has been called, again with the air-horn, any car that

stalls or holds up the line will be sent out in that order with

scoring being informed. (example: car # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, are

in line, car 3 stalls, 2 cars go around that car, then 3 gets

going & now 3 goes in front of the 6th car, making that cars

position 5th instead of 3rd).


We will restart single file.


NO speeding on exiting the track onto pit road, on pit road

or reentering the track. Safely is FIRST & FOREMOST! You can

be penalized for speeding.



Reminder: DO NOT TOUCH the cars until TSRS Officials give the go ahead during the pit stop competition. This rule includes the top 6 after qualifying, the top 5 after the race, including the top 3 on the front straight away!


This information is being sent out today/tomorrow to all TSRS drivers!


Stacy Tiemann

Director of Scoring, TSRS :D

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